Wednesday, January 22, 2014

アメリカの畜牛の餌は鶏の糞です。 American cows eat chicken poop.

Yes, it is true.  That is what American farmers are feeding their cows.  Also candy, in the plastic wrapper, limestone, sawdust, and crab guts.


Well, personally I like crab guts, but I grew up in America believing that cows are supposed to eat grass.  In fact, in the article above, there are worries that such feed could  lead to BSE.


Well, the truth is that The Great American drought means there is less feed for animals.  So American farmers are trying to prolong the existence of a beef market.  When Japan joins TPP, it is no secret that massive American companies will destroy the Japanese beef industry.  I do not want to eat American cows that eat chicken poop!


This is simply a way to preserve corporate profit.


One thing, in the above link, they say the drought is over.  Not at all.  It is becoming more severe.


Look at the above photo.   It compares the snowpack this year with last year.  The snowpack is only 10% to 30% of normal.


The drought in the US is terrible.  Every year it gets worse.


Yet Americans still have not woken up to the idea that the North American continent is turning to desert.


The picture above is a neighborhood in Los Angeles.  Look at all the swimming pools.  These are average Americans, not movie stars.  They do not seem to realize that they live in a desert.


Americans just refuse to wake up to reality.


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