Friday, June 3, 2016

オバマ大統領の広島訪問 President Obama’s Hiroshima visit

Well, President Obama actually did visit Hiroshima.
One thing that I appreciated about President Obama’s speech was he did not repeat the American propaganda that Japan was bad, so the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were necessary.


I heard that he had visited the museum, I hope he saw this diorama.


I also hope somebody showed him the above picture of Tokyo after American bombing.


But I must say that I am surprised that President Obama did indeed go.  What I am referring to is the American reaction.  The reaction of average Americans can only damage the image of the United States.


The Huffington Post got it partly correct.  The bombings themselves did not precipitate Japan’s surrender.  It was the Soviet Union’s attack that did it.


But the majority of American’s are reacting very aggressively.


There are calls for censure by Congress for the speech.  The People that desire this feel that the President has insulted America by visiting and speaking at Hiroshima.  


Some of the comments in the link below are pretty bad.


And I think this negative reaction by the overwhelming majority of Americans will hurt America.  So I cannot believe that President Obama is representing the American people in his speech, but I can accept that he spoke as one individual.


However, two years ago at a ceremony in Normandy France, he applauded the use of the atomic weapons.  Did he change his mind?  Or was this Hiroshima visit simply propaganda?


Americans like to say Japan was evil, so there was reason to bomb Japan.  This thinking was used by all nations in all wars.


But the American bombing was especially horrific, and had no military purpose.  America even experimented with live bats.  The bats would have an incendiary device attached, and be dropped on Japanese cities.  They would then fly into houses, where the bombs were to explode.

しかし、アメリカの空襲は特にひどかったです。軍事的な意味は有りませんでした。コウモリ爆弾でも研究しました。コウモリに焼夷弾を付けて、日本の 大都市に落とします。コウモリは人の家に飛び入り、焼夷弾が爆発します。

This was planned genocide.  A crime.  Americans always scream about Nanking.  Well, Nanking was a battlefield event.  It was not planned or ordered, so it cannot be considered a crime.  Also, General Matsui of the Imperial Japanese Army took immediate disciplinary measures so that it would not be repeated.


In no way can the Pearl Harbor attack be considered a crime.  Japan only attacked the Naval base.  In 2003 US President George Bush attacked Iraq with 53 cruise missiles, with no declaration of war.  He attacked civilian targets in the city of Baghdad.


But Americans ignore this.


American strategic bombing has always been a failure.  Even today, as drone bombings continue under President Obama’s administration.  They kill many more civilians than guerrillas, most of the time, the Americans have no clue who they are bombing.  Yet they still kill people, every day.


And President Obama is modernizing America’s nuclear weapons.  The amount being destroyed is very small.


To be fair, I do not think the President of America really has much power.  I think he is basically a figurehead.


So I take this visit and speech as the views of one American person, who coincidently happens to be the President.  But I do not take this as an expression of reconciliation and regret by the American people.  They are still angry at Japan, and hate us.


Well, they look down on pretty much every country.  And they hate themselves, just look at this present election.


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ASH.K said...

It is kind of a rarity to find a person who contemplates about the world and especially the person whose desire is to seek out the truth for him to not be caught in the biased information that is easily available ... I think the world wars , iraq war etc are too recent why don't we go back a little? To the time of the native americans? and i believe that you are correct in saying that this visit was nothing but propaganda and that obama is nothing more than a figurehead....the americans are struggling to make a foothold in asia and it is their desperate attempt to do so now... if they really were concerned with the safety of people they would have finished the problems of North Korea by now but no why would they? The North Korea is an excuse for them to be putting advanced missile systems on japan and korea and we know who they are targeting i am not pro-china .... chinese are backstabbers.... in 1969 they attacked the USSR (-_-;) so chinese are just like saner and more powerful North Korea ... on the european side what intrigues me are the extensive NATO drills going on in Europe .... The argument of Russia taking over crimea is invalid coz there was a referendum in crimea and they decided to be a part of Russia... .. on syria... my point is it is high time for Japan to stand on her own feet now because i fear they might get dragged into the problems created by USA... in my opinion Obama should have avoided the Hiroshima visit.. it is a disgrace to all the people who lost their lives in such an inhumane action ... no matter which position he holds he should have said "I apologize for the inhumane actions of my people" otherwise he is no different from the citizens saying crap about Japan... going on a picnic in Hiroshima saying stuff that he clearly doesn't believe he is not only disrespecting the victims of Hiroshima but also the Japanese people.