Friday, September 30, 2016

アメリカの大統領選挙 The Presidential race

Debates have been held.  The media has screamed that Clinton won, but other polls put things differently.


What this election has turned out to be is the establishment versus the American people.


What do I mean by establishment?  Basically, I mean American corporate people, the top 1%.  No, I do not believe there are secret organizations, 100’s of years old, like the Illuminati, running things.


If an organization was several hundred years old, they would have wisdom, and not be making so many mistakes.


What do I mean?


American people have been destroyed.  They can no longer live.  Student loans are now instruments for the rich to make money, but students who go to university are in debt for life.  They can not marry.


America has no dedicated company employee, or Seishyain system like Japan.  It is very east to fire people, and American companies do.  There is no job security in America, companies readily outsource jobs to cheap foreigners.


Health care costs are astronomical.  It is common for families to go bankrupt when someone gets sick.


This is not a healthy country.  Many people support Trump as someone who can save them.  I have only read a few of his comments, but he does seem sincere.  Yes, he is arrogant.  But people, especially the Left wing, have become too immured with political correctness, that they can no longer distinguish reality.


The establishment backs Clinton, because she is one of them.  Do not believe her when she says she is against TPP, that is just an election ploy.  When her husband was President, she did make a fight for a National Health care system, but the Corporate world destroyed her.


I think she had integrity until then, but then she decided to join the Corporate world, and does care about anyone anymore.


I remember her telling Bernie Sanders that he was naive to think he could reform health care in America.


And Sanders won the primary election.  The vote fraud was massive.


Immediately after the Democratic Primary, Sanders quit the Democratic party.  I have seen hints in the media where people are appealing to Sanders supporters, but this has hurt Clinton.


There are even rumors that Clinton threatened Sanders’ wife.


Many Democrats are not likely to vote for Clinton because they are angry.


And Clinton’s health is certainly an issue.  Frankly, her support is weak.  I think her only solid support is among Corporate America and Feminists.


And the Corporate media has constantly attacked Trump, but his popularity has remained steady at about 40%.


Take a look at the video below.  It is Christian Fundamentalists laying their hands on Donald Trump, in protective prayer.  They are about half of Americans, they support Trump.


Americans have become very set in their beliefs, and there is no communication between the Right and Left in American society.


I believe that in a fair election, Trump would take a big win.  But the question is, will it be fair.


If Trump wins, the Left will feel that they have been cheated.  Civil Disobedience and violence will likely result.


If Clinton wins, and this will likely be because of cheating in the electoral process, the American militias are likely to start Civil War.


In any case, violence, disorder, is likely.   In the poll below, 87% of Americans believe another Civil War is coming.


The interview below is of Stewart Rhodes.  He is a lawyer, graduated from Yale University.  He also a former US Army paratrooper.  He is the leader of the Oathkeepers, a militia organization that claims 30,000 members.


He describes what Civil War will be like.


He is quite right that it will not be like the Civil War of 1861-1865.  There will not be defined front lines like that war, rather it will be guerrilla war.


We can use this voting map in a previous election by county to guess where the Conservatives and Liberals will be.  The Red are conservatives, the Blue liberals.


Notice that Liberal areas are scattered across the country, centered on big cities, and food producing areas are Conservative.  In a Civil War, food delivery to the cities will cease, many will starve.


He speaks of a warrior class.  Since the Vietnam war, there has not been a draft in America.  The military forces have become very conservative.  In a Civil War, they will side with the militias against liberals.


There is also a race war under way.


Notice the video below.  The message the Black man wants to say is that Black people will lose a race war.


But his English is very poor, I can barely understand half of what he says.  But in America, you cannot correct Black people’s English, that is regarded as not politically correct.


Also, notice the White Children practicing shooting guns.


Political Correctness has become insane in America.  You cannot speak out, or your career will be destroyed.


Now there have always been gay people in any society throughout human history.  But the Left keeps looking for new issues to start social trouble.


And not only are trans sexual the problem, but also animals.


The person who brought those animals claimed emotional disability, had a doctor issued certificate, and threatened to sue the airline for discrimination if their animal could not sit with them.  It was the same with the mini horse.


The greed of the American establishment, the stupidity of people on both the American political Right and Left has gone too far.  i do not think American Civil War can be avoided.


And Mr. Rhodes is correct, the Left will be slaughtered.  They are spiritually week, and do not know how to fight.


American will become a Christian Fundamentalist Right wing Theocratic state.


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