Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Las Vegas mass shooting incident ラスベガス 大虐殺(銃乱射)事件

On October 1st, Stephen Paddock opened fire on an open air country music concert in Las Vegas Nevada.  He killed 58 people and injured 489.


At this time, his motive for this act is still a mystery.  But I think I can give a good guess.


His goal is obvious from his choice of target, kick start the American Civil War.


This man was a secretive person, not socializing with people.  And he was rather wealthy, and spent his time gambling.  He usually won.  And his gambling was on poker machines, not with other people.


In one article, I did find a remark he made that gives a significant clue into his thinking.  He said to a fellow gambler a few months before the attack that “He wished he could kill his mother for binging him into this world.”


That is very strange, and does not suggest a normal mental state.  There is a phrase in American English, “inner demons”.  It means a person may appear normal to people, yet in his heart mental illness rages.


He spent about a year making detailed preparations for his act, and scouted various music festivals in the Las Vegas area.  He also booked a room in Chicago where the Lollapolooza festival is held.


That one would have customers who could be considered Left wing, the one he finally choose was a country music venue, most of the customers could be considered Right wing.


He had no known political or religious feelings.  So he scouted targets that could be considered either Left wing or Right wing.


America is very tense, we are already in a state of low to medium Civil War.  I think this person hated being alive, and with his death, wanted to create an event that would inspire more violence.


So far, from the Right wing, there are many conspiracy theories of how this is a CIA, or Mossad, plot to confiscate American’s guns.


No.  A single crazy man.


What I find truly terrible is the reaction of many people on the Left.


A Left wing teacher put the following message on Twitter.


She is praying that only Trump supporters were killed.  An executive at CBS says she has no sympathy for the victims, because they were Republicans.


Personally, there are people I do not like in this world, but I cannot wish death or misfortune on anybody.


In Pennsylvania the owner of a vegetarian food truck celebrated the event, saying that she was happy 59 meat eaters died in the shooting.


Vegetarians are particularly obnoxious, below is a video of a vegetarian woman entering a restaurant.  She is crying, talking about the death of her friend Snow.  Snow is not a person, but a cow.

菜食主義の人は、特に、不快な人です。下記のビデオは、女性がレストランに入ります。彼女は泣いたり、自分の Snowと言う友達の死を話しています。”Snow”は、人ではなく、牛です。

Here vegetarians invade a supermarket and hold loud funerals for the meat animals killed.


These people are nasty, but not so dangerous.  But there are truly dangerous groups out there.  The Antifa is numerous and has extensive financial backing.  They desire an anarchist Communist revolution in the US.


The American mass media has long been playing along with encouraging violence, here is picture of comedian  beheading President Trump.


In a Democracy like America, ridicule of the foibles of politicians is certainly permitted.  Yet to talk or joke about killing the President, this is not Free Speech, it is encouraging a crime.


So with all this tension and violence in America, over political and cultural issues, I think Stephen Paddock wanted to kill himself, and destroy America at the same time.


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