Friday, January 12, 2018

ローガン・ポール、日本に来た不快なアメリカ人 Logan Paul, an obnoxious American in Japan

Recently, A young American youtuber named Logan Paul has made the news.  His actions in filming a body in the Aokigahara forest, which is know as a place where many disturbed commit suicide earned him notoriety.


But his entire trip in Japan was one of nasty egoism.


In this video below, he talks about respect.  From the way he talks, to me a native speaker of American English, it is obvious that some person has told him to be respectful in Japan.


Yet his tone of speech, “Japan is all about the respect” and his hand gestures are extremely rude.  Right there, he is telling us he has no intention of respecting anything, and he is mocking Japan.


But such behavior is quite common among Americans, particularly the young.  Some 20 years ago, I used to work for a talent agency in Japan that supplied foreigners for television and films.  Well over half the Americans were very similar to this Logan Paul person.


In the 2016 Presidential election, on world wide television, we saw many examples of such awful spoiled Americans.


When Donald Trump won the Presidency, there were massive demonstrations.


People burned American flags.


In April of 2017 there were massive riots in Berkeley California, when a Right wing speaker came to speak.


These Americans are behaving in the same way as Logan Paul did in Japan.  They expect total satisfaction, that they can do whatever they wish in life, their every wish and demand will be granted.


The thing is, when losing an election, mature adults understand that this is part of life.  Also, mature adults understand that when visiting other countries, one should not behave like a hooligan.


Why are so many Americans so obnoxious?  Well this is what they have been taught.  In doing research for my latest book, “2nd Civil War, The Battle for America”, I studied American education.  What I discovered was absolutely horrible.

何故数多くのアメリカ人がこんなに不快ですか?まあ、こう言う教育を受けています。私の最近の本、「アメリカ人が語る 日本人に隠しておけないアメリカの“崩壊」を研究した時に、アメリカの教育状態を勉強しました。その習った事がとてもひどいです。

Basically what schools now teach is social justice awareness and self esteem.  With self esteem, they teach that the student is wonderful just as they are born, they don’t have to make any effort to improve.  This is very Left wing type thinking, the  American Left has ruined American education and American youth.


With social justice, they teach that the culture they were born in is entirely wrong, and should be destroyed.


What they do not teach are mathematics, history, language, or science.


Here are some comments from American teachers about mathematics.


Professor Andrew Hacker of Queens College in New York says Algebra is too hard and should be dropped.


Professor Rochelle Gutierrez at the University of Illinois says teaching mathematics reinforces “White Privilege” since it was developed by White Europeans.


A professor at Brooklyn College, Laurie Rubel, says that meritocracy is a tool of “Whiteness”, meaning dominance of other races by Whites.


What it means that requiring students to study hard to pass tests and gain knowledge promotes discrimination and inequality.  People should be awarded just for being born.


This is the kind of philosophy behind participation trophies.  These are awards given out for showing up at school academic or sports event.  Just for being there, not for winning anything.


Leftists educators in America feel that this reinforces the self esteem of students.  They think that a loss would devastate them.


Well, this is why we have people who cannot cope with their favored candidate losing a political election.  In America today, the political Left wants to totally destroy the Right, or any other person with opinions they do not like.


That is what they have been taught, they have not been taught they must live in a society and work with other people.


And that is why we have Americans like Logan Paul.  He thinks he can come to Japan, do as he pleases, act like a hooligan, and there will be no consequences.


Looking at his videos, the jumping on trucks and delivery carts at Tsukiji fish market, running in traffic in the street, and general mayhem, he is a dangerous person.


I do not know what action the Japanese police took with this idiot, but I would think two years in prison at hard labor would be a sufficient punishment.


And there are more such foreigners, in Japan, we must be ready.


「本当は素晴らしかった 韓国の歴史」
「アメリカ人が語る、日本人に隠しておけない アメリカの“崩壊”」
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Chris said...

It was not funny at all. Whole video I was frowning my face. I felt disgusted whole things. I think he should be arrested. It's not only Japanese people don't like him but decent people all of the world don't like him. Only his akin people to him are welcoming him.