Friday, September 13, 2019

What is hate speech? ヘイトスピーチは何ですか?

Last week, my publishing company began an advertising campaign for my latest book, “The coming Japanese nightmare, a unified Korea”

先週、私の出版社が、私の最近の本「アメリカ人が語る日本の歴史 日本に迫る統一朝鮮(コリア)の悪夢」広告作戦を開始しました。

This is my advertisement.


Three local newspapers were chosen, one canceled the ad the day before it was scheduled to run.


Recently there has been a big hullabaloo about an article in a weekly magazine titled “Kankoku nante iranai” or “We don’t need South Korea!”, an article on this subject was printed on the same page as the ad for my book, “ The coming Japanese nightmare, a unified Korea” was to appear on, so it was canceled in that paper for that day.

話題になった週刊誌の「韓国なんて要らない」の広告が掲載されて、「アメリカ人が語る日本の歴史 日本に迫る統一朝鮮(コリア)の悪夢」の広告掲載が拒否された新聞があったようです。

I don’t like to engage in fantastic conspiracy theories, but perhaps the paper was afraid of protests by leftists.  Whatever the reason, since the subject of my book is concerned with protecting Japan, I think these concerns are over blown.


Recently in Japan, people are becoming overly sensitive to hate speech.  People are becoming very quick to point the finger and blame someone.


So, was my ad hate speech?  Let me give my readers a recent example of American hate speech, a hate symbol that is becoming forbidden in America.


That is correct, it is becoming forbidden to display this flag in America.  Recently, a patriotic America couple in the state of Utah were asked to leave a soccer game because they waved this flag.  The reason, other people became offended by the flag.


A former American football star, Colin Kaepernick has declared this flag to be racist.  He is Black American, and he says that when this flag was the national flag, America had slavery, so it is racist.  He says the only people who like this flag are White Supremacists.


This is the original American national flag, and now to display it is hate speech.


In my case it is obvious that this newspaper was afraid of criticism from Japanese Leftists or Korean people.  But this is a newspaper.  A newspaper is supposed to print news, and to show opposing points of view on a topic.


Many Japanese Leftists have a very naive view of the present Korean government and quick unification.  They think it will bring peace.  Many Koreans believe it will bring a Great Korean Empire, and that they can win a war of revenge against Japan.


Both of these ideas are not possible, and my book is designed to show this.


My recent book outlines a worst case scenario where a unified Korea and Japan go to war.  It designed to make people think, and to perhaps find a way to avoid that war.  I do not think this is a bad thing.


If we forbid the public criticism of South Korean actions, then we elevate them to the status of Gods, a position where Koreans can do no wrong, and war between our countries becomes certain.


I do not think this is a good thing.



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