Friday, September 14, 2012

騒ぎ過ぎな韓国人への反撃の仕方:真実で反撃して下さい。 How to fight back against screaming Koreans: Fight back with facts.

Recently, one of my readers has referred to a post on my blog.


This person is a lives in a small town in New Zealand.  The reader says that there are many Koreans in this town, and they are always accusing Japan of being a terrible country.


Gradually, the local New Zealand people are becoming convinced by these Korean people that Japan is indeed a terrible country.


Well, my advice to my reader is to fight back with facts.


There never was a Korean war of independence.


Japan has paid a lot of compensation to many countries for the war, and especially Korea.


Concerning the Comfort women issue, the Korean government ran exactly the same program for US troops after the Korean war.


Well, since before WWII, most of the people who recruited Korean women for Japanese troops were ethnic Koreans, this is no surprise that they would do the same thing after WWII.


And there was no resistance to Japanese rule before and during the war.  Koreans were citizens of the Japanese Empire.


And even today, in the United States and Australia, Korean prostitution is a serious problem.  The woman are treated like slaves.  And it is Korean traffickers, Korean people who are doing this to their own people.


For my reader in New Zealand, I know that there are many bitter memories about WWII in Australia and New Zealand.  In particular, many people who were prisoners of Japan, were treated harshly.


Well please tell these people that most guards of POW camps were ethnic Koreans.  The Korean guards in general were much more cruel that ethnic Japanese or ethnic Taiwanese guards.


Of course, the Koreans say that Japanese people forced them to be cruel.


This is ridiculous.  Koreans were willing participants in WWII, as citizens of the Empire of Japan.  After the war, the Allied powers divided Korea into two halves, and yes there was a tragic war.


But for the Korean people to keep claiming compensation, no matter how much they receive, and to keep complaining about how bad Japan is, well not only is this a lie, it says something about the Korean people themselves.  And it is not pretty.


After visiting Takeshima and creating this present mess, South Korean President Lee Myung Bak is now in Europe, making noise there.


They are simply a very selfish and petty people.


I became very angry over Korean behavior during the World Cup of 2002.  It is obvious that they bought the referees.


The following Youtube video shows Korea versus Portugal Spain and Italy.


And the insults against other teams by average Koreans.  This is not sporting.  I am an ethnic German, and when I saw the pictures of German players set up as funeral pictures, I was very angry.  And in the last Olympics, there was a lot of rough play by Korea.


I think that these actions should be investigated, and Korea banned from participation in international sports events until they can show that they can behave in a civilized manner.


And to my readers in other countries, when the local Korean people keep crying about how bad Japan was, just tell the local New Zealanders, or English or Americans, that in WWII, Koreans were willing citizens of the Empire of Japan.  Fight back with facts.


Now they want to portray themselves to the world as poor victims, and receive more money, even though compensation has been paid.  They think that can cheat at sports events.


They are a cheating, immature nation.


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