Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The danger of nuclear war in Georgia グルジア戦争と核兵器戦争の危機

In 1962, the United States of America and the Soviet Union came very close to nuclear war over the Cuban missile crisis. I was a young child in Chicago, and I remember the church bells. In the event of a nuclear attack, all the church bells of the city were to be rung as a warning. That would mean nuclear missile strike in 20 minutes or so from Cuba. I remember the system being tested, and asking my father if we were going to die.


20 minutes is not enough time to do much more than say goodbye to your family and few friends. So far, in human history, that incident is the closest the human race has been to major nuclear war.


Until August 23rd of 2008. On August 8th, the army of The Republic of Georgia invaded South Ossetia, a territory under Russian protection. The Georgian army attacked Russian troops based there on a peace keeping operation. Russia responded, and we all know the result.


However, the great danger of nuclear war came about August 23rd. By the 22nd of August Russian forces began to withdraw from Georgian territory. However, hardliners in America were not happy. US warships were sent to the Black Sea, and ordered to dock in the harbor of Poti in Georgia. This would have been very dangerous, as there were still small units of Russian troops very near Poti. This would have created a very dangerous situation, with Russian army troops and US Navy sailors in close contact. The possibility of someone accidentally firing a weapon was very high, If Russian troops and US Navy ships had traded fire, I do not think we could have stopped things before they eventually escalated to full scale nuclear war. Most of human civilization in the northern hemisphere of the planet would have been destroyed.

しかし、その核兵器戦争の危機は、8月23日でした。8月22日からロシア軍はグルジアから撤退を始めました。アメリカ右派政治家はロシアの反動に怒りました。その右派政治家の命令で、アメリカ軍艦をグルジアまで進行しました。その軍艦の目標は、グルジアのポチ港で停泊する事でした。しかし、ポチの近くにロシア陸軍の偵察隊はまだ居ました。この状態はとても危険です。アメリカ兵とロシア兵はお互い近い所に居ます。どちらの兵隊も間違いで武器を使う可能性が高かったです 。戦いが始まったら、核兵器戦争まで拡大する可能性が高いです。地球北半球の人類文明は滅びる事に成ったでしょう。

Very fortunately, the United States Navy High Command intervened, and the US ships docked at Batumi, far to the south in Georgia and away from Russian troops. A war was avoided.


So who was responsible for The US ships in the Black Sea? The Navy did not want to go there. In my opinion, it was two men who created this problem, Vice President Richard Cheney and Senator John McCain.


In fact, Senator McCain has deep ties to Georgia, his chief advisor, Randy Scheunemann, was a formal lobbyist for the Georgian government. President Saakashvili himself claims to have been in frequent telephone contact with Senator McCain during this crisis.

マケイン上院議員は、グルジアととても深い関係が有ります。彼のチーフ相談者は、ランディシューネマンさんで、彼は最近までアメリカ国会のグリジア国代表でした。グリジアのサアカシュヴィリ 大統領は、マケイン上院議員とこの戦争中にたびたび電話で話しをしていると言っています。

What? That is the job of the President, not Senator McCain.


In any case, we are very lucky that major war was averted between Russia and America.


Now Senator McCain has made a very strange choice for his Vice Presidential candidate. I am very sorry to say, but Governor Palin of Alaska has virtually no experience at all other than being a housewife. I do not see how she can be the Number Two in the strongest nation on earth.


I think the only reason that Senator McCain chose Governor Palin, is to use her attraction to Fundamentalist Christians. The thing is, if Senator McCain were to become President, and he became too ill to do his job, Governor Palin would become President of the United States.

I am very surprised and shocked to see Senator McCain make two such dangerous decisions, pushing for a war between the United States and Russia, and in picking a totally inexperienced woman as his number two.


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