Monday, September 22, 2008

American Financial Collapse アメリカの経済が滅びる

Recently, anyone watching the news on planet earth knows that America is in deep financial trouble. How did this happen? Well I am not financial expert, but let me try a few words. Let’s start with greed and over optimism.


To gain more profits, too many American financial companies engaged in lending practices that had little or no prospect of long-term success. In the short term, a few did profit, but eventually reality returns, and now these companies cannot be maintained.


I think one reason for this crisis is that many American’s always believe that the economy will continue to grow no matter what. The entire sub prime loan system was based on the premise that the American economy would always expand.


The whole sub prime was nothing more than a giant Ponzi scheme. But how could this happen?


Successive American Presidential administrations have consistently favored corporations, and many watchdog organizations have lost their power to oversee corporate operations. The idea was that market forces would cause corporations to behave in a responsible manner. Companies would police themselves.


Many Americans on the right accuse government supervision of the economy to be a form of socialism. And to the American mind socialism symbolizes something close to Communism, and therefore un-American. Which is why it has proven impossible to establish a national healthcare system in the United States.


Japan, along with China, Russia, and European countries, has much investment in America. We cannot afford to let America collapse, yet I think it is within our rights to push the American government to watch the financial operations of its companies more closely in the future. And of course, expensive wars with no solution simply waste money.


In Japan we have similar situation with the Hakken phenomena. While this employment practice will not bring financial collapse like America’s disaster, we are creating a large class of young people who have no hope of escaping Hakken employment. They cannot marry and they cannot lead normal lives, they live as slaves.


Eventually, this can have tremendous effects on Japanese society, up to and including leftist revolution.


I think that in both America and Japan, we need much stronger government oversight to prevent such excesses.


A ponzi scheme 1920年代でイタリアからアメリカへ移民したポンジさんの投資計画でした。基本的に彼の計画は投資すると数が月後に20%利益が戻ります。しかし問題は投資する人が増えないと最初の投資人に利益を払いません。こう言う計画はいつもどこかで滅びる事に成ります。ポンジさんは懲役5年に成りました。

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