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大相撲三月場所 The March Sumo Basho

Well, this year in Osaka we have finally got to see some Ozeki who can stand up to a Yokozuna. But it might be a good idea if the Yokozuna concerned spent more time in practice than going up to Tokyo to strut around in a fashion show.


But before we talk about Ozeki, there was one match that sent me into gales of laughter. That was on the 12th day, between Yoshikaze and Yamamotoyama. We got to see more of Yamamotoyama that we bargained for, when Yoshikaze pulled his Mawashi out of place. Yoshikaze, besides pulling the Mawashi, also pulled out a win. As did my hero Homasho, who beat Yamamotoyama in excellent Sumo, meeting him straight on and pushing him out.


These matches prove that Yamamotoyama is discovering that Makuuchi is a different place than the lower ranks. Here is he up against the best of the best, and they have ways to beat great size. So Yamamotoyama is going to have learn too. In his first two Makuuchi basho he has just managed Kachi-Koshi at 8-7. He does have a surprising ability to move laterally for such a big guy, but I hope he can avoid injury. It will be interesting to see how far he can go.


In the Ozeki department, Harumafuji came away a respectable 10 wins. And he knocked off his buddy, Yokozuna Asashoryu. That just goes to show, off the ring friendships stop at the Tawara. But I don’t think Asashoryu would have it any other way, despite the embarrassment. However, I don’t think Harumafuji is really satisfied with his Sumo since promotion to Ozeki, he has yet to find his groove. But find it he will, and I am sure that he will be great Ozeki.


Kotooshu also came away with ten wins, one of them against Asashoryu. Perhaps the arrival of Harumafuji in the Ozeki ranks has provided some much needed motivation? Well keep it up, Kotooshu!

And his stable mate Kotomitsuki is the third Ozeki who was able to throw Asashoryu to the clay. Even though Kotomitsuki only squeaked by with a Kachi-Koshi at 8-7, I think the Sumo of these Sekitori would have been great cause for celebration at Sadogatake beya.

琴欧州も10勝しましたが、一つは朝青龍の取り組みでもしました。もしかしたら、日馬富士が大関に上がって、琴欧州が何とかやる気に成ったかな? 頑張れ琴欧州! それと、同じ部屋琴光喜も朝青龍を土俵に投げました。琴光喜はぎりぎり8−7で勝ち越しでしたが、この2人の関取は佐渡ヶ嶽部屋でお祝いしましたでしょう。

Except for Kotoshogiku, who must have sat through the partying with a long face. A 6 win 9 loss record, What happened guy? For the last couple of years, you have been billed as one of the great hopes to be the next Japanese Yokozuna. Well for one thing, it seems that Gaburi-ori is your only winning technique. Everybody has that one figured out now, you are going to have to come up with something else.

けれど、その佐渡ヶ嶽部屋のパーティーの時に、 琴奨菊は悲しい顔で参加したでしょう。6勝9敗、どうしたですか? 数年前からの話題で、貴方は次の日本人横綱の望みとマスコミに書かれていました。一つ、貴方の勝つ手は、そのがぶりおりしかないみたいです。他の関取はもうそのやり方を分かっています。これから、何とか新しい相撲を考えた方がいいでしょう。

And Kisenosato, the other great Japanese hope of the last couple of years, you get up to Sekiwake, and then only 5-10? Well, you got promoted from Komusubi on only an 8-7 record, but I gotta tell ya, you will never get to Yokozuna like this. You are going to have to pull it together, and start winning. I think some growing up is in order.

それと、 稀勢の里、もう一人の話題に成った日本人横綱望みで、関脇まで上がって、5勝10敗でした。どうしたの? まあ、先場所8−7ぎりぎりの勝ち越しで小結から上がったけれど、正直に言うと、こう言うやり方で横綱に成りませんよ! これから、頑張って勝つしかないですよ! もしかしたら、そろそろ大人に成った方がいいかも知れません。

Hokutoriki, well you are really a guy with his ups and downs, aren’t you? Down again, huh?


Kakuryu is showing good steady Sumo. And here is, a brand new Komusubi. Now you all know that I really like Homasho, I have said so on TV when I appeared on “Sanma-no karakuri terebi” as a Sumo fan. Well at that time, he was Maegashira Hito. I remember he was so nervous meeting Asashoryu on the first day. He lost, and really tumbled down the Banzuke, in fact, he went through several Basho with what looked like a crisis of confidence. Then he got it together, and made it back up to Maegashira 2, but wrist injury forced him to sit out last years September Basho.

鶴竜は本当に安定した相撲をします。それで、五月場所に新小結に成っています。私の読者の皆さんは、私が豊真将のとても熱心なファンと言う事をよく分かっています。“さんまのからくりテレビ”に 一度出た事が有ります。番組で 豊真将を話しました。その時に豊真将は前頭一でしたが、初日に朝青龍と取り組みが有って、とても緊張していました。彼はその取り組みに負けました。ずっと番付の下まで落ちて、自信の危機にあったみたいでした。しかし、心を作り直して、前頭2まで上がりました。それから、手首の怪我で昨年9月場所を休場しました。

Now he is knocking on the door of Sanyaku at Maegashira 1. I really do think he has got his confidence back.


It seems like I have left out two Ozeki. Kaio eked by with a 8-7 kachikoshi. Chiyotaikai, well only two wins as an Ozeki is, well it is terrible. One thing about Sumo is that a Rikishi should have dignity. Chiyotaikai, perhaps the time has come for some serious thinking about your future.


Oh my goodness! I forgot Hakuho! 15 wins, how could I forget that! The thing I like about Hakuho is that you cannot read his face. He shows no emotion, but he comes out with excellent Sumo. He is on the way to becoming a truly great Yokozuna.


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