Monday, August 31, 2009

選挙の意見 Election Thoughts

Yesterday, The DPJ thoroughly trounced the LDP, in a historic turnaround.


Well, why?


As a person who is very concerned with foreign affairs, I think that the LDP was totally unable to come up with any original policy. All they could think to do was follow in lockstep with American wishes. Frankly, I never had a sense of Japan having an independent foreign policy under the LDP.


The thing is, what America does is not always necessarily good for Japan. Former President Bush’s demands that Japan cease oil development in Iran is one example. This policy greatly hurt Japan, and there was no benefit to be gained from supporting the US position in the Middle East.


The entire Bush administration policy of wars in the Middle East was a great mistake, and President Obama’s continuance of the Afghan war is a mistake.


So should Japan simply follow along?


Domestically speaking, as far as I could see, the LDP never had a coherent policy. At a guess, I would say that there were way too many 2nd and 3rd generation politicians in the LDP. Usually, such people grow up over protected. People around them always treat them deferentially in order to gain favor with Father. And if a problem arises, there is Father to help out. They grow up weak, unable to think or act for themselves. Of course, not all 2nd or 3rd generation people were like this, but too many LDP members were.


In Europe, it is, or at least it used to be customary for Princes to serve time in their countries military. Perhaps it might be a good idea for the wealthy families in Japan to have their sons and daughters do a stint in the Army or the Navy.


These are just a few thoughts about yesterday’s election.


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