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オバマ大統領と抵抗勢力 The President and the Diehard Loony Right.

The President and the Diehard Loony Right.


Or perhaps I might call this entry, “The next American Civil War”


It has now been some 8 months since the inauguration of Barack Obama as President of the United Sates of America. Many of my friends in Japan have remarked to me on how things must be better now in the US. The fact is, they are not much better. In fact, it can be said that race relations in America are quickly getting worse.


There is much opposition from the Diehard Loony Right. I will cover three aspects of these people.


1)The Birthers.


These are people who claim that Barack Obama is not an American citizen, and has no right to be President. By law, the President of the United Sates must be born in the United States. These Birther people are claiming that the President was actually born in Kenya, and is an illegal alien in America.

これは、オバマ大統領がアメリカ国籍ではないと主張している人達が、彼がアメリカ大統領に成る権利が有りません。アメリカの法律で、大統領と副大統領は必ずアメリカ国民で生まれていないとダメです。カリフォルニア州シュワルツェネッガー知事は帰化をしましたから、大統領にはなれません 。この“生まれ違う!”の申し立てをしている事は、オバマ大統領は実はアフリカのケニアで生まれて、アメリカで不法滞在外国人です。

They demand that the President publish his birth certificate to prove that he is an American. He has indeed produced a short form of the certificate that clearly states he was born in Hawaii. Also two newspaper announcements of his birth in Honolulu have been found, saying that he was born on August 4th 1961. The Republican governor of the State of Hawaii has declared clearly that the President was born in that state.

この“生まれ違う!”族は、オバマ大統領に“出生証明書を出せ!“と要求しています。実は,オバマ大統領は簡潔な出生証明書をネットで出した事が有ります、アメリカハワイ州で生まれたとはっきり書いています。(注:アメリカには戸籍が有りません。)それと、二つの新聞で、 1961年8月4日にホノルル市で生まれた発表を見つけました 。現在のハワイ州知事(共和党)は、”オバマ大統領はハワイ州で生まれました。”と宣言しました。

Yet 28% of the Republican Party, 11% of all Americans refuse to believe that President Obama is an American, They say such evidence was fabricated. Along with these average people are around 9 Congressmen and 1 Senator, all Republicans. If the President cannot prove to their satisfaction that he is American, they say he must be impeached. Of course, since these people ignore all rational evidence, they will never be satisfied.


2)Town Hall meetings.


The American legislature is now in recess, and many Congress people and Senators are now in their home districts, and are explaining in town hall meetings what they are doing when Congress is in session.


President Obama has proposed a new health care plan. This plan is being presented at these meetings, many persons of the far right have come into these meetings screaming and shouting to disrupt them. There has also been a sudden increase in death threats and threats to use guns against Representatives who vote for health care. The right wing in America is terrified that health care will turn America into a Communist country.


Right wing people are being provoked by inflammatory broadcasts by pundits such as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. Former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin has been saying that President Obama’s health care plan will include Death Panels to decide to kill disabled and old people. The majority of these right wing American’s are rather ignorant people, and easily believe lies by such public figures.


3)The right wing militia.


These are private groups not associated with the government. They are armed, basically composed of white people, and very Fundamentalist Christian. They believe that President Obama is a dictator, and that they have the right to revolt against the US government. The Oklahoma City bombing of 1995 was their biggest incident so far. It killed 168 people.


During the Bush administration, they faced a crisis of manpower for the Army and Marines fighting two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. To get the numbers necessary, standards were relaxed. Many people such as far right extremists and criminals were able to join the military.


Members of these far right groups specifically say that they joined the military to get training for the upcoming race war in America.


The next Civil War in America.


American society is changing. Many people of different races and religions are coming to America. Many American White people see this change as a reduction in their status as the top class in America. And these Americans never liked any other type of person anyway.


Political discourse in America is now filled with the threat of violence. Events happening at town hall meetings show this clearly. The Right in America is not interested in debate about President Obama’s health care plan, they want to destroy it and destroy the President. Right wing people are bringing guns to these events, it is a matter of time until someone is hurt or killed. What they want is to return to an America where White people totally control the country, and any non White, non Fundamentalist Christian is a second class citizen, or that person is forced to leave the United States.

現在、アメリカ政治討論は暴力の可能性がよく有ります。このタウンホールミーティングを見てはっきり分かります。極端な保守主義者は、オバマ大統領の国民健康保険計画を討論するつもりが有りません。その計画を崩壊して、次に、オバマ大統領を崩壊したいです。右派の人達はこのタウンホールミーティングに銃を持ち込んで、 だれか怪我に成るか殺されるかは時間の問題です。この極端な保守主義の人々の希望は、白人だけがすべてアメリカのトップの地位に入って、白人以外、原理主義キリスト教以外の人々が2級国民に成るか国外追放にするか。これは彼達の夢です。

This is the policy that the Christian Fundamentalists espouse, and they are about 40% of the American population. About 25% of the American population can be considered violent Christian Fundamentalists who wish to have a cleansing revolution in America. This is to create a country that would rule America like Jesus intended in the Bible. At least this is their idea of what Jesus would do.


I think that all these movements against President Obama will eventually coalesce around the Christian political right, and then we will have Civil War in America. We are seeing the beginning of that process right now.


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