Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Does Oklahoma WANT Civil War? オクラホマ州は内乱を望んでいるのか?

A very quick note today. One of my readers suggested that I include sources. I don't know how to link on this blog, so I will simply post the URL.


This is the most dangerous step towards Civil War in America that I have seen yet. In the state of Oklahoma, Tea Party activists are discussing with some conservative members of the Oklahoma State Legislature the idea of forming a State Militia.


This will be a separate armed force from the State National Guard. The purpose of this State Militia will be to defend the state of Oklahoma from Federal laws that they do not want to obey.


Ladies and Gentlemen, this is one step before Civil War. This is a wish to create an armed force to say "NO" to the Federal Government in Washington. Which means at some time there will fighting, Americans shooting other Americans. OK, in Japan, politicians sometimes say something stupid. But people do not pay attention, and the politician, well after saying his thing, does nothing.


Americans are very different, if an American says he will do something, there is much social pressure in America to do it. Otherwise, other Americans will think of you as weak. And in American society weak people are considered useless.


We have had Tea Party activists already threatening violence and war since the inauguration of President Obama. And the Governor of Texas is discussing seceding from America. Now we have State legislators talking about creating a Oklahoma State military to fight the Federal Government.

We are getting closer and closer to Civil War. And once the shooting starts, it will probably be impossible to stop until so many are dead, so much is destroyed.


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