Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sensitivity training for US troops in Japan  在日米軍兵士に感受性トレーニングを

Sensitivity training for US troops in Japan

Perhaps I have the beginning of an idea of how to solve the impasse in Japanese/American relations. All right, our primary problem is the relocation of the US Marines in Okinawa at the moment.
However, no locality, anywhere in Japan, wants to host a Marine base. As I wrote in my previous article, one major problem is the bad behavior of American troops.


So here is my idea. All US forces in Japan should be required to take extensive course in sensitivity training about Japan. America has such courses for it's troops. Primarily, they teach about racial relations in America, and how to not discriminate with US troops of different sexes.


Also, there is such sensitivity training for US troops in Iraq.


So we should design a course that teach US troops how to behave in Japan, and basic Japanese language. But one twist, I think this course should basically be designed by Japanese professors, from a local Japanese University near each US base.


America is looking awfully arrogant over this whole matter. Now, I think it would be a good idea for America to show some willingness to cooperate with Japan. We should put in some requirement that 70% of any US unit pass the course. If they cannot, then the US should replace troops until they can come up with enough to be able pass and understand how to behave in Japan.


Such American effort might go a long way to solving this crisis and improving Japanese/American relations.


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etranger said...

Max, read my latest article and you'll see it's not only the soldiers but the govt officials who needs "sensitivity training".