Friday, December 16, 2011

日本、アメリカとイラン Japan, America, and Iran

Over the past few weeks, we have been watching the humiliating saga of Japan's involvement with American efforts to start a war with Iran. How is Japan involved? This is through the director of the I.A.E.A., Mr. Amano Yukiya.


Through Wikileaks, we have learned that when Mr. Amano became the director of the I.AE.A., he informed US Embassy officials in Vienna, that he was in total cooperation with the US, but he needed to maintain an appearance of neutrality.


Just last month, soon after the release of Mr. Amano's report on Iranian nuclear weapon development, we have American Republican Presidential candidates in a debate trying to outdo each other in who can be more bellicose towards Iran.


The centerpiece of Mr. Amano's report, is a laptop computer that first appeared in 2004. It supposedly comes from Iran, and is said to provides details about Iran's effort to create nuclear weapons.


This laptop has long been discredited. Really, it is written in English. The language of Iran is Farsi, they use an Arabic type script.


The existence of a laptop computer proving what the American right wing pro war group is saying is very convenient. But would Iranians truly write in English and not their own language?

This is reminiscent of the drive to build a case to start a war with Iraq. We had new words added to the English language, "cherry picking" and "stove piping".


What these words mean is, when you have a plan to start a war, you take the large mass of Intelligence information, take out a few pieces of information that support your position, and ignore everything else that does not support it.


The Bush administration simply lied in an effort to get America into war in Iraq.


It worked. America got it's war. Yet this month, American forces leave in humiliation, after the Iraqi government refused to extend permission for them to stay in the country.


The Iraq war was part of an original Neocon plan to attack seven countries in the Middle East so as to totally dominate it.

Iraq was the first country on the list, Iran the last. This plan existed in American planning some ten years before 9/11.


I really want to say here, there are many Japanese people today who still believe that America is some kind of pure divine country that can do no wrong. Of course, the fact is that America is composed of human beings, and very often in this world human beings do awful things.


So now we have a Japanese person on the world stage who has created a major blunder. He was given some information by some Americans, and believed it. He then went on to publish in a report by his agency. If he had done some checking, he would have found that that information was declared false years ago.


Is Iran truly a dangerous country? No. This whole question of Iran trying to get nuclear weapons is created by right wing Americans and Israeli's who desire war.


In the New Yorker link by Seymour Hersh above, Mr. Hersh describes how the US military has made extraordinary efforts for years with spies on the ground, electronic intelligence, and satellite surveillance, they can find no evidence whatsoever that Iran is trying to make a nuclear weapon.


It is Iran that is surrounded by American military power, not the other way around.


Each star is a US base. Note: those US bases in Iraq will be gone by the end of December. In fact, the American invasion of Iraq changed Iraq from being an enemy of Iran into an ally. American policy is full of mistakes.


OK, if Iran does create a nuclear weapon, will Iran become a dangerous country? Israeli's and American's who want war say that Iran will quickly shoot a nuclear missile at some country if they develop the ability.


This is ridiculous. Even if Iran tried to make a nuclear weapon, at best they could only make a few. Israel has 300 nuclear weapons, America has nearly 10,000. If America wished, it could turn Iran into glass.


What do I mean by that? The soil and rock directly underneath the explosion of modern nuclear weapons melts into glass. America has enough nuclear power to make Iran molten glass from the Eastern to Western border.


This recent demand by America that Japan cease buying oil from Iran is a recent case to show that Japan needs to have an independent foreign policy. Japan could possibly find other sources of oil. But it would create much economic hardship in Japan.


But America does not care. And, it is not just. Iran is not a criminal nation. In fact, America, Israel and Britain have long been fighting a covert war in Iran. They have special forces in Iran, and use anti government guerrilla groups inside Iran to assassinate scientists and blow up various targets.

Iran has not taken any such action towards any Western nation. Iran does provide support to guerrillas fighting Israel, but the Israeli/Arab problem is very difficult.


The fact is Israel created a huge crime in it's creation by displacing millions of Arab people. Yet in America I cannot write this. I would be mercilessly attacked by pro Israel Right wing groups. My blog would be destroyed.


A Republican Presidential candidate has gone so far as to say that Palestinians do not exist.


The problem of America and Israel in the Middle East is huge. Fortunately, it is not Japan's problem. We have good connections with all parties in this fight. We should not take sides, but remain neutral.


Mr. Amano should resign from his position for the good of Japan.


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