Thursday, December 22, 2011

ウォール街を占拠せよ!運動最新情報 Occupy Wall Street Updates

So, what is new with Occupy Wall Street? Well, in the last week there was major action on both the East and West coasts.


On the West coast, two ports were shut down, Oakland CA, and Longview WA. Shut downs in Long Beach CA, Vancouver Canada and San Diego CA were less successful, they only closed the ports for an hour before police dispersed them.


In New York, several dozen protesters were arrested after they attempted to "occupy" a piece of land owned by a church, near the former encampment at Zuccotti park. Their intent was to set up a new camp.


However the "Occupy" movement is evolving into something more. They are occupying the homes of people facing foreclosure nationwide. As I have written before, many, probably most, home loans are fraudulent in the United States. The US government has done nothing to help.


Another group of Occupy protestors going political. They plan to appear at the Iowa political caucus on January 3rd in Iowa, and form groups in both parties that will vote "Uncommitted"


This is to show their disdain for both political parties and their failure to help the 99% of Americans who are not rich.


Since the Occupy movement has been moved from park camps around the American nation, many in the US media has been predicting the end of the movement.


Not at all, they are evolving. They are moving into social welfare where government does not help, they are protesting the basic structure of US government for the rich.


I am proud of these people.


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ZERO said...

Whatis the target of the OCCUPY MOVEMENT?
It's not clear. What is the difference between the OCCUPY MOVEMENT and "give me money".
When the target is not clear,it must be not success or victory.

If OCCUPY MOVEMENT want to get supreme victory, they must make clear their target.
Now they may are making some changes.But essential necessary change is to make clear the TARGET.