Tuesday, January 31, 2012

イスラエル、イラン戦争を応援している黒幕です。 Israel, the power behind the rush to war with Iran.

I am seeing the outline of a conspiracy. I do not like to discuss conspiracy theories in general, too often they go off into fantasy. But this time, events fit what I know.


Recently, Japanese Vice Foreign Minister Yamane visited Israeli Foreign Minister Lieberman in Jerusalem. He was attempting to explain Japan's position that time is needed to find other suppliers before cutting off Iranian oil.


I doubt that Foreign Minister Lieberman will be impressed. He is an extreme hawk, there are people who consider him to be irresponsible. I am one of those people.


Why should a Japanese Vice Foreign Minister go to Israel, when America is demanding sanctions, that Japan cease to buy Iranian oil?


The truth is, Israel is behind the American war plans for Iran.


There seem to be politicians in Israel who believe that a war with Iran will not be so bad. They think Iran's ability to retaliate is limited, and that Iran cannot close the Straight of Hormuz for an extended period of time.



This is extremely foolish. The oil tanker lanes through the straight are very narrow. If a supertanker is sunk there, they will be closed permanently. In any case, Iran has many small boats that can carry missiles. The Straights of Hormuz are so narrow, anti ship missiles can be fired from the coasts.


In any case, Iran is not waiting. The EU granted time to Spain, Greece and Italy to find alternate suppliers, they could wait until July 1st.


Iran has now said that will cut those countries off now.


Those countries are already is serious economic distress, cutting off Iranian oil now will push them into turmoil. Which will pull the rest of Europe into turmoil, and then America and Japan.


Things never go according to plan.


This whole mess started with American Republican Presidential candidates debated on who could be tougher with Iran. As I have often written in my blog, the present US Republican party is dominated by the Christian Fundamentalist movement.


And to those people, Israel has a strong meaning. They see the existence of Israel as fulfilling Biblical prophecy. Their belief is that for Jesus to return to Earth, there must be a final great battle between good and evil at Armageddon, in northern Israel. Here good will prevail, all non Christians, including the Jews, will die, and Jesus will rule a 1,000 year Golden Kingdom on Earth.


American Christian Fundamentalists believe this is absolute truth from God. And until the battle of Armageddon, American Christian Fundamentalists will ferociously protect Israel and anything Israel does, because Israel's existence is necessary to fulfill the Biblical prophecy.


Of course, Israeli politicians know these beliefs, and that Jews are required to die. Yet they also understand the strength of political Christian Fundamentalism in the United States.


Israel has long regarded Iraq and Iran as it's primary enemies. Israel does not have the military power to attack Iran. It's aircraft do not have the range. The only thing Israel could do is launch a nuclear missile attack. And that would bring too much reprisal.


So Israel is happy to let America attack Iran. And American Republicans are happy to cooperate with Israel. It is a very cynical relationship, both sides using each other.


From what I can see, President Obama is doing his best to avert a war with Iran. He does seem to understand that it would be a disaster for the world economy. Just yesterday I saw this in the news:



This is a face saving measure. The UN has long been conducting inspections in Iran, including permanent cameras in Iranian nuclear facilities.


But Democrats are traditionally looked upon as weak in Defense matters, the President is going to have a difficult problem in appearing to be strong and yet avoid war.


Also, the President cannot publicly say anything against Israel. Israel has much power in America. AIPAC, their primary lobbying organization, is an example. Any American politician who says anything negative about Israel is very likely to lose his next election.


AIPAC also conducts espionage inside the United States,


As I indicated in my last blog post, The CIA and even the Israeli Mossad have long reported that Iran is not making a bomb.


In any case, sanctions have already failed. Russia, China, Turkey, and India will still buy Iranian oil.


What should Japan do? I think we should be firm with America and tell them the truth. Iran is not doing any thing to warrant sanctions, and we will continue commercial relations. There is just too much crazy religious prejudice from the American Christian Right wing. This is not Japan's problem.


As for Israel, to show our disapproval, I think the Japanese ambassador should be withdrawn until Israel can behave like a normal country.


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