Thursday, April 25, 2013

ボストンテロ事件最新情報:アメリカの永遠テロ戦争 Boston terror attack updates: America's endless war on terror.

It is official.  The Boston terror attack suspect in custody,
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, has admitted that America's disastrous wars in the Middle East were the reason for the terror bombings conducted by his brother and himself.


They had no ties to any professional international terror group.  In the link below, a US intelligence official says that he believes they are more such independently motivated lone wolf operators in America.


I very much agree with that intelligence official.  The wars in the Middle East have been absolute disasters.  They have wasted much money, They have not brought America any riches, only a few corporations make immense profits from those wars.


In my last post, I wrote that America really does not know about the Muslim world, and they have no idea about who they are killing.


Just how does the US choose drone targets?  Here is an explanation of the methods used to judge if an attack should be launched.


But a quick read of that article will tell that Americans really don't know what they are doing.  Remember, the drone pilots actually live and operate the drones from a base in Nevada in the USA.


How can they judge if a group of men is really Al Qaeda?  Are people moving towards the Afghan border really terrorists?


The countries where America operates drones have always been filled with armed men since human history began have always been filled with armed men.  In most of those areas, there has never ever been any kind of stable government.


And as I have written, a lot of children and other people are killed by the drones.


Who is America killing?  They don't know.  But I do think that there will be more copy cat attacks inside America.  There are many people in America who cannot fit into society for many reasons.  I am sure that more people will seek revenge for their problems.


It is a tragic story.  I really wish that America would just pull out of the mIddle East altogether.  Americans give the reason for their Middle Eastern wars as to kill terrorists before they attack America. 


But if the American wars in the Middle East kill so many people that it inspires sympathy attacks by Americans inside America, is it not a failure?


Yes, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is an American, he had taken American citizenship.


I see no way out of this, America is slot in a dark difficult maze.


Below, I include some views of police in Boston.  Remember, all these pictures are police, not Army.  This is not the America I remember from 39 years ago.


All in all, 9,000 police were used.


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