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北朝鮮より、韓国は危険でしょう。 South Korea, not North Korea, is the real danger.

On March 25th, three leaders, Prime Minister Abe of Japan, President Obama of the United States, and President Park of South Korea met at the US Ambassador’s residence in the Hague.


America is quite worried about the continuing acrimony over history between South Korea and Japan.  They are worried about damaging the Alliance against North Korea and China.


In this meeting, President Park was extremely rude.  Allright, Prime Minister Abe said hello in Korean.  He is not a linguist, he is the Prime Minister.  However, it is normal diplomatic custom when a leader makes a greeting in some other county’s language, no matter how awful the pronunciation, it is custom to respond politely.


President Park ignored the greeting.  In fact, she sat through the entire meeting Stone Faced, it was painful to watch.


But she did not really insult Prime Minister Abe.  Since President Obama set up the meeting, she insulted him, and the United States of America.


America, I have some news for you.  North Korea is not the danger.


People may be surprised when I say this.  But think for a moment.  Certainly, North Korea is a bizarre place.  That is my favorite word to describe that country, bizarre.


However, the North Korean government has one overriding goal.  That is the preservation of the Kim government.  It is better if we think of them as a Royal family.


If the Kim’s fall, the country descends into chaos.  Yes, they will do provocative things to get attention, and foreign aid.  But they are not going to start an all out war.  They know they will lose, and lose badly.


I really don’t think they will actually throw a missile into Japan.  They need Japanese money too much.


South Korea, however has entered the world of fantasy.  They are engaging in dreams of a Great Korean Empire.


If the United States made a retaliatory attack on North Korea for some provocation, nearly half of South Koreans say they would attack the US.


There are some 27,000 US troops in South Korea.  There are also many Americans who live there as English teachers.  Koreans can be a violent people, in a crisis, these people would not be safe.


With all their lies and exaggerations about history with Japan, and going around the world, saying how terrible Japan is, South Koreans are not behaving like a normal nation.


Well, the real thing is, they are not so much complaining about Japan now, but Japan 70 years ago.


They think that they invented all civilization.


This would be comical, except that with the behavior of leaders like President Park, they are trying to make this Great Korea into reality.


There are people in South Korea who believe that if North and South Korea quickly unified, they could form a Great country and then overcome Japan.


If I could give advice to Koreans, I would advise them to go slow, to take baby steps.  I understand their desire for unification.  After all, I am an ethnic German.  I was very pleased to see Germany reunited.  Frankly, I did not think it could happen in my lifetime.


But there are serious differences between the two Germany’s and the two Korea’s.  East Germany was the showpiece of the Communist world.  A West German could freely visit East Germany.  Telephone and postal communication existed throughout the Cold War period.


And when the reunification did happen, it turned out that many West Germans had a deep feeling of superiority over the Easterners.


It is virtually impossible for a South Korean to visit the North.  There is no telephone or mail communication.  There are some smuggled DVD’s in the North, but people there have only a vague idea what life in the South is like.


And of the few reunification themes I have read, it seems that South Koreans assume that their social order will prevail.  What will happen is that there will be tremendous shock on the Northern side.


And the North Koreans do not seem so happy with President Park.


But we must remember, that these Northerners will be mostly armed.  No, they do not possess weapons at home.  However, there is an extensive militia system throughout the country.  If the Kim government fell, I think anarchy would be the result in the North.


The women would run to Seoul to be prostitutes, the men would become criminals.  And it is likely that the men would be armed, with weapons stolen from militia depots in the North.  The South Korean economy is in no great shape.


The result of a quick reunification will not be a Great Korean Empire that can threaten Japan, but a state falling into internal anarchy.


This will become a danger to Japan and China.  We might actually have to intervene again.  America will also be involved.


The anti Japanese bashing is reaching fever pitch.


Children are being taught to hate Japan.


Really is Hello Kitty! so dangerous?


I am incensed over this new City Hall building in Seoul.


It certainly does look like a Tsunami wave about to engulf the old building, which was built by Japan.


This is disgusting.  Shame on Korea for this.


Yet for all their caterwauling on terrible Japan was to Korea, Koreans are obsessed with copying Japanese products.


And all these people going around the world, setting up memorials to the Comfort  Women, who they allege were brutalized by Japan.


It is nothing but a fraud, something like a pyramid scheme.  They finance their activities by collecting money from old pensioners, promising to pay them back with money they will force Japan to pay in compensation.


Now we are getting a view as to the true purpose of this international anti Japan campaign, they want to use foreign pressure, in particular the US, to force Japan to pay more compensation.  It is just one big fraud.


I would like to tell the Americans something.  They hate you too.  Koreans, are angry because America did not reunify the country in the Korean war.


An anti American protest in South Korea.


Well the truth is, in the Korean war, Korea did get caught between Super power rivalry.  On one hand the United States, on the other the Soviet Union and Communist China.


America did drive into North Korea in 1950, but was repulsed by Chinese armies.  Any further attempt to reunify the country would have resulted in World Wide nuclear war.


The United States was not going to sacrifice Chicago and New York to reunify South Korea.  And the Soviet Union would not sacrifice Leningrad.  These are sad facts.


There is an English language expression:  Better half of loaf of bread, than nothing at all.


Koreans of that age understood this.  Today, South Koreans have a much better life than people in the North.


But too many younger South Koreans seem to have forgotten this.  they are letting imaginary insults become national policy.


And this is why I say that South Korea is more dangerous.  They believe their own fantasies, and let them become policy.


The South Korean government provides support to groups like VANK, that defame Japan.


Some people might say that I exaggerate, South Koreans would not be so stupid as to cause trouble.


Well, three years ago, Japanese and South Korean relations were fantastic, there was major Korean cultural boom in Japan.  With their Comfort Women memorials and comics, the Koreans have destroyed this.  They have also caused Japanese Americans to take more pride in their ethnic background.


And President Park insults President Obama and the United States at a summit that he sets up.


And the Koreans in America, they are not acting like Americans, they are citing like Koreans in America.  It is an American rule that you don’t bring ethnic feuds from the old country into America.


So yes, I think that South Koreans can be so stupid as to cause more trouble.


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