Wednesday, October 28, 2015


I am frankly quite shocked at the Japanese governments behavior on TPP.  It seems that the Japanese government sacrificed many aspects of the Japanese economy to achieve an agreement.


It seems that the Japanese government simply trusts the American government.  This is very naive.


Since I am having long treatment for a heart condition under the Japanese National Health care system, for me, TPP is a death sentence.  As it is for many Japanese people.

私は、現在、日本国民健康保険システムで、心臓を治療中です。私の場合に、 TPPは死刑宣告です。数多くの治療中の日本人もそう成ります。

America routinely breaks promises.  For example, president Reagan promised Mikhail Gorbachev that NATO would not expand  eastward.  After the Soviets did not intervene to prevent the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe, America promptly expanded NATO eastward.


They easily broke their promise.


Some people might say that TPP is protection against China and Russia.  Not at all.  Americans only think of profit.  And in their minds, Russia and China are bigger, more population.  There would be more profit in a business relationship with those countries.  That is how Americans think.  And they still do not trust Japan because of WWII.  They never will.  In their minds, Japan must be destroyed and made into a small version of America.


But they will not protect Japan against any other country, if there is no profit in it.  It is always profit first.


Why do I say TPP is a death sentence for me and many other Japanese people?  Here is a recent example.


The man in the picture above is a murderer.  He is the CEO of a drug company.  That company just bought the rights for an AIDS treatment drug that is essential to keeping AIDS patients alive.  In one day, he raised the price from $13.50 to $750.


Right now, there is a media firestorm over this.  But it will soon fade away.  But many Americans will no longer be able to afford treatment, and die.  But Americans do not care.


In America, people only care about profit.  They do not care at all about public good.  They do not care about manufacturing a good product.  They only care that they make a lot of money themselves.


Many of my Japanese readers will say, “How can I write this?  Americans are such good people!”


Well yes, there are decent people.  But they tend to be Middle Class, and cannot afford expensive lawyers.  In modern America, their lives are failing.  Recently, a very interesting example exists.  In Japan, everyone knows that the American west, particularly California, is experiencing severe drought.  In California, people are being fined for watering their lawns.  There is just not enough water.


The lawn of an average house in California.


Yet the rich ignore such rules.  This is how they live:
Notice that the owner of this house has wide lawns, a pool, and a vineyard.  Around the house is desert.


Rich people think that since they have more money, they can live as they wish.  They do not care about other people.


So under TPP, Japanese medical care will become extremely expensive.  Many people who cannot pay, will die.  And American companies do not care.  They will say that we Japanese people are bad, we did not work hard enough.


The fact is, American corporations have destroyed the American Middle Class.


It is a fact for those of us who study history, that Democracy cannot be maintained in a country without a strong Middle Class.  But American corporations do not care about America.  They only wish to make more profit in the immediate future.


That is why I can say with confidence that they will destroy Japan too.


TPP is a grave mistake, the very existence of Japan as a nation is in danger.  The only way to deal and negotiate with Americans is from a position of strength.  And use that strength to make sure that Americans keep the agreement.  That is how Americans behave with each other, that is why so many lawyers exist in America.


TPP is not about trade.  Believe me, Americans will find some way to prevent Japanese cars from being sold in America.  TPP is about American firms dominating the Japanese economy with sub standard products.  It is also about the removal of Japanese savings from Japan to America.


The coming era, in a very few years, will be dominated by shortages of food and fuel across the planet.  We must protect the national existence of Japan.



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