Wednesday, October 28, 2015

やっかいな外国人! Troublesome Foreigners

Recently, Turks rioted in front of their embassy in Tokyo.


I understand that the Japanese government intends to bring large amounts of foreign workers into Japan each year.


This is incomprehensible.  I have much experience working with foreigners.  They make many demands.  In particular, they demand that Japanese society change to suit them.


It is very difficult for foreigners to work in a Japanese job environment.  They in general do not blend into Japanese society.


Large groups of foreigners will maintain their language and customs, and create urban ghettos.  They will not learn the Japanese language, or about Japanese customs.  These areas will be areas of crime and prostitution.


Japanese people are the best workers in the world.  Why replace them with foreigners?  It takes 15 or 20 years for the average foreign worker to learn how to function in Japan.  Few do.  Most of them give up trying and become demanding, asking for special rights.


I know, I have worked with foreigners in Japan, it is very aggravating.  Ultimately, the business, using foreigners on Japanese television, has collapsed.  Foreigners cannot obey simple rules, they want special privileges.


This was 90% of the people I worked with, even though they were paid on average 3 times what a Japanese person in the industry got.  Now foreigners are only rarely used on Japanese television, the business has collapsed.


I think some American officials are pressuring the Japanese government to accept more foreigners.


But this is a mistake, America itself is teetering on race war.


America is close to becoming a failed state.  Why should Japan imitate America?


I think Permanent Foreign residence should only be given to those who are fluent in the Japanese language, and can demonstrate that they are able to survive in Japanese society.



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