Saturday, December 5, 2015

靖国神社爆弾事件はテロ行為です。 The Yasukuni shrine bombing was an act of terrorism

Recently, a South Korean person planted a bomb at Yasukuni shrine.  The bomb apparently misfired.  It is simple luck that no one was injured.


The Japanese government should make a formal request to the South Korean government to arrest the individual involved, and send him to Japan for a trial.


Failure to do so would be a failure to protect the nation.  Sending him to Japan for trial would be an opportunity for South Korea to show that they are serious about improving relations with Japan.


Many foreigners had a very unfortunate reaction to the attack.  They call Yasukuni shrine a hateful place.  Please read the comments in the link below.


It is time such foreigners were removed from Japan.  We do not need the government to do something, the average Japanese person can do so quite easily.


People who have contact with foreigners who give such strong anti Japanese opinions should cease contact with them.


For example, if you are studying English at an English language school, and the teacher makes such anti Japanese comments, this is hate speech.  Ask the teacher his or her opinion.


If they call Yasukuni shrine a hateful place, or say other lies about Japan, tell the school administrators that you wish to have another teacher.


Then that person will be unable to live in Japan, and return to their country.


For foreigners, living in Japan is a privilege, not a right.  We should not have anti Japan foreigners here.  Foreigners who reside in Japan should respect our nation and society.



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