Friday, April 13, 2018

2018年アメリカ国内混乱最新情報 American Internal disorder updates spring 2018

The Deep State of America seems intent on destroying President Trump and starting Civil War.


President Trump wanted to withdraw from Syria, now he has been boxed into a confrontation with Russia.  And if he backs down from war with Russia, the American media will vilify him as a weak President.


I think the whole gas attack in Syria was a trap for President Trump from the beginning.  What sane person would want to fight a war with Russia?


The Deep State has made two great mistakes.


One, they have let the American Left take over control of American society, and impose it’s weirdness upon everyone else.


This is to keep Americans divided so that the wealth gap can be increased to benefit a few very rich people.  What the Deep State people does not seem to think about is that if the Left succeeds in taking over America, they will certainly exterminate the Deep State.


This is how the Leftists think.  If they take over America, first, kill 25 million people.


The Deep State is very naive.


But the Left does not have an armed force.


There is an underground armed force on the Right, the Militia movement, armed and organized civilians who are against a powerful central government.


They are a primary reason Donald Trump could be President.  In the 2016 election, they threatened to march on Washington if Clinton became the President.


But if it becomes obvious that the Deep State has destroyed or neutralized President Trump, then they are signaling to his supporters, half of Americans, that elections don’t matter.  The obvious conclusion for Trump supporters then is only guns matter.


President Trumps supporters are well armed.


Weapons held by private citizens versus law enforcement and the military.


On February 14, 2018 there was a school shooting in Parkland Florida where 17 people were killed.


One survivor of that shooting, David Hogg has become a star.  The Left has been actively backing this children’s crusade against guns.


David Hogg, a new star of the Left.


If teachers questioned the politics of this anti gun crusade they were removed from school.


Students who did not want to participate in the anti-gun marches were punished by being suspended from school.


Now a small town in Illinois passed a law that says that all residents of the town who possess automatic weapons must give them up by June 13th.  I think this is a test case by the Deep State to see if they can disarm the people of the United States entirely.


And other than cooperating with hardcore Leftists to rule America, this is their second great mistake.


Here is a blog post where I discuss drought and the battle of Bundy ranch, a great victory for the militia against the Federal government.


If the Deep State believes they can disarm Americans, it will have to be the FBI and the military who will do it.  However, while the leaders of the FBI, CIA, and military are probably part of the Deep State, the middle and lower ranks of these organizations are not.

ディープ・ステート(黒幕達)がアメリカ国民を武装解除する事が出来ると思ったら、FBIと軍隊が行うしかないです。FBI、 CIA、軍隊のリーダーシップはディープ・ステート(黒幕達)かも知れませんが、中部と普通の兵士は違います。

Somewhere, it will come to fight.  And then the Deep State will demand that the members of the FBI, and military kill other Americans.

どこかで、戦いに成ります。それで、ディープ・ステート(黒幕達)が FBI、軍隊に他のアメリカ人を殺すと言う命令をします。

I think that is where America will begin to come apart, and it seems like the Deep State is in a hurry to make this happen.


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