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コリアの統一(南北統一)について、真実は何ですか? Korean unification, what are the facts?

President Moon Jae In of South Korea is bound and determined to unify North and South Korea.


Reading comments by a person in a prominent American Left wing think tank, they are mystified by President Moon’s actions to achieve a quick unification.  These Americans felt that pressuring Japan to pay for the Comfort Women issue was the proper way to strengthen the American/Japanese/Korean alliance.


Now they see that their actions instead weakened that alliance, perhaps fatally.  They don’t know why.  Americans, particularly the American Left, still do not understand the truth of WWII in the Pacific.


Is this unification possible?  In the immediate future, I don’t think so.  And I don’t see any way of it happening without conflict.


The main focus for a quick reunification comes from Leftists in the South.  However, Korean education has devolved into total fantasy concerning recent history.


I have written one book about the truth of the Japanese annexation period.


One thing became very clear to me as I wrote this book. Koreans totally change history to fit their beliefs.  The Japanese annexation period was very benign, in fact in my opinion the best time in Korean history.  Yet they portray it as horror.


Yet the Korean people are extremely jealous of Japan.  They have allowed this jealousy to develop into a monster.  Koreans roam the world erecting Comfort Women statues describing how terrible Japan was to them in the annexation period.


Vandalism of Japan’s cultural assets, such as shrines and temples, have greatly increased in recent years.  When perpetrators have been caught, they have been South Koreans, Chinese, or resident Japanese Koreans.


Desecration and vandalism at a Japanese shrine.  A sacred Inari fox guardian beheaded.


Koreans are jealous of Japan.  This is something that Westerners do not comprehend about the Korean Japan problem.  They simply look back to WWII history, also their own wartime propaganda, and assume Japan was brutal, so the Koreans must be correct when they assert so.


In this case, Westerners have very little sense of reality.  Korean education is totally focused on demonizing Japan, and making Korea look good.


In her book “Getting over it!” Oh Sonfa gives and excellent description of this education.

呉 善花さんは自分の本、「なぜ「反日韓国に未来はない」のか」で、この反日教育を素晴らしく説明しています。


One of the results of this aspect of historical falsehoods is that South Korean educators create a very false history of recent events such as the Korea war.


They go by the idea that Koreans would not kill other Koreans, so all those events must have another cause.  And they put Japan into that space.  Recently, for a time, educators in South Korea taught that the Korean war of 1950-1953 was fought against Japan.


The truth is that the Korean war was a very brutal war, and millions were killed by both sides.  When I lived in South Korea, I heard stories from people who had escaped from the North to the South about such brutality.


In present day South Korea, any person who tries to say that the annexation period to Japan was not so bad runs the risk of being killed by Leftist activists.  And there are many such people, I met them when I lived there.


This has created a whole generation of people who have no understanding of recent history, and who would be way too optimistic of the possibilities of North South reunification.


And there are a significant amount of people on the South Korea Left who dream of creating a Great Korea out of North and South, and then embarking upon a war of revenge against Japan.


And people point to the reunification of Germany, and say if Germany could do it, so could Korea.


Well, I am an ethnic German, and I took much interest in the unification of Germany.  Believe me, it barely worked.  For example, all East German military officers were fired.  Some 80% of East German professionals lost their jobs.  Culturally the West totally dominated the East.


There was a lot of communication between East and West Germany from WWII until reunification.  And East Germany was the most developed and advanced country of the Communist bloc.


There has been virtually no communication between the two Koreas  since the war.  The languages have diverged until they are about 30% incomprehensible to each other.  And the level of infrastructure development in North Korea is well behind the South.


Just look at satellite photos of the Korean peninsula at night.  North Korea is dark, South Korea is awash in light.


I think the North Koreans realize this very well.  South Korean culture already exists in the North.  If you are found with DVD’s from the South, you can be executed.  The Northerners fear Southern culture could destroy their society, and they are right.



Yet they cannot stamp it out.


So I think the Northerners will have a very wary attitude towards unification, while Southerners will have an idea based on fantasy.


To be realistic, I think unification should wait until there is free movement of citizens between both countries.  Then it could be accomplished without war, and one side destroying the other.  But I think that will take 50, or maybe even 100 years.


This is how I think it will play out.  President Moon will make extensive compromises with the North.  US troops will be asked to leave.  The North will flood the South with operatives, who will kill anyone who does not support President Moon.  The role of President Moon will be to reassure South Koreans as the elite are killed, and a Northern dominated government is installed in the South.


Massive disorder is certain in South Korea, and once American troops leave, Chinese troops may arrive to preserve order.


Then all of Korea reverts to being a tributary state as it was in the Joseon era.


When President Moon is no longer needed, he will eliminated too.  These are basic methods in taking over a country, this process happened all over Eastern Europe post WWII in areas dominated by the Soviet Red Army.


At a guess, this will be at least some 300,000 people, probably closer to a million, and will include military officers, politicians, professors and so on who will be killed in an immediate unification in South Korea.  This will create a massive wave of Korean refugees into Japan, millions of people.


Civil War inside South Korea would be very possible.  The North will be very careful to limit Southerners coming North to an extreme minimum.  But this cannot be guaranteed.  Disorder in the North is also probable.


Japan cannot totally rely on the US, because the American military and society are totally in disarray.



In fact, America is facing it’s own Civil War.  President Trump is not likely to spend a lot of time worrying about Korea.


And in Japan, we are likely to face serious problems from Japanese Leftists and Korean residents of Japan.


Japan must suppress Leftists in Japan, and reach out to Russia as an ally.


And support a South Korean guerrilla army on the peninsula.  The Chinese can be driven out, it would cost 10 million dead, almost all Korean.


It is time for Japan to prepare.


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