Thursday, February 13, 2020

China virus updates コロナウィルスの最新情報

In my last blog on China, I predicted crisis in China.


Well, the Corona virus continues to spread, rapidly.  Deaths have skyrocketed in the last few days.


The problem is, China is a hurry.  They are in a hurry to catch up with and surpass the West, Europe, America and Japan.  They have a massive education of system of students in hard sciences, both in side China and in foreign universities.


They are working hard to build naval superiority by producing aircraft carrier battle groups.


They have built an impressive high speed rail system, but there have been disasters.


A Chinese bullet train crash.


This is unlike Japan, which even in the March 11th, 2011 great earthquake in Tohoku, many bullet trains where many bullet trains were running at full speed, not one crashed.


They are also in a hurry to produce biological weapons, and their top laboratory, level 4, is in Wuhan.


It is now becoming apparent that the present 2019-CoV is artificial, Indian scientists found four AIDS like insertions in the virus.


The odds of this occurring naturally are extremely, infinitesimally rare.


What one must conclude from such an event that this is most likely an accidental release from the lab.  And it does appear that procedures were hurried in anticipation of the lunar New Year holiday.


In fact, Thailand claims to have cured Corona virus patients with HIV drugs.


Certainly, China is not being truthful about the number of cases.  In the fist days of February this chart appeared on Chinese media, It would indicate 154,023 cases and 24, 589 deaths instead of the 14,428 cases and 304 deaths reported.  It was probably an unintentional mistake.


Also, crematoriums are operating 24 hours a day.  The sulfur clouds from these crematoria are visible from satellites in space.


In fact the mortality rate seems much higher than what is admitted.


There is a great danger of revolution and Civil War in China.  The police and military themselves are becoming sick.


As I have predicted, the price of pork has risen dramatically.


There is an old saying, “If Chinese people cannot eat pork, they will revolt”.  In fact, due to the massive quarantine of so many millions of people, getting food to them is becoming very difficult.

古い諺で、「中国人が豚肉を食べられないと、革命をします」。実に、何百万人の隔離で、 食料を配る事がとても難しいです。

An attempt to reopen a factory idled by the quarantine ended in failure as workers tested positive for the virus.


It seems that the Chinese Communist party is losing control of China.


In Japan, political and business leaders cannot understand the reality of the crisis.  Thousands of Chinese tourists enter Japan every day.  They are not really tourists, but refugees from the virus.  They will not go back China and risk death and face quarantine, but hide in the Chinese diaspora of Chinese already living in Japan.


And the American company running the cruise ship “Diamond Princess” is obscene.  With so many cases found on board the ship, they are advertising discount rates for the Golden Week Japanese holiday season from the end of April to the beginning of May.


For businessmen, profit is much more important than people’s lives.


Once the passengers and crew are tested and evacuated, that ship should be sunk in the deep sea.  It will never be disinfected.


Advertising for Golden Week Diamond Princess tours


Look at this video by Sam Chui, an airline youtuber.

Sam Chuiさん航空会社関係のユーチューバーのビデオを見て下さい。

Evacuation flights from Wuhan.


I think the tourism business is now truly over.  As for Japanese people, if you work in any way with foreign tourists, or work or live in Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Osaka, Nagoya or Tokyo, you have been exposed to Corona Virus.


And foreigners from Western countries will think the same, it will take at least two or three years for Western tourists to return to Japan.


As for Chinese, the continued existence of a unified Chinese state is in doubt.  That will mean bloody civil war.


Other countries are taking this virus very seriously.  But Japan still lets in Chinese citizens.  The truth is, there are many 2nd and 3rd generation politicians and bureaucrats governing Japan.


Their fathers were powerful people, and they grew up in a very pampered and safe environment.  They never had to face serious challenges, and now have difficulty comprehending a life and death situation.


We need a government of Japan that will protect Japanese people and not worry about profit.



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