Thursday, May 28, 2020

Japan, Corona Virus, and the future of the world. 日本、コロナウイルス、世界の将来

In late May of 2020, Japan is recovering very well from the Corona virus.  Active cases are below 2,000.


Foreigners cannot comprehend Japan’s success, but I know why.  It is simply because Japanese people are very innovative and intelligent, and have produced a medical system that is highly competent and affordable.


The American medical system has many outstanding treatment centers and personnel, yet as a national health system, it is a complete failure.  Corona virus deaths are surging, in America, it is out of control.


In fact, reading the link below, it seems that American medical personnel are giving up on controlling Corona virus, and saying that we have to live with it.  But that will mean many American deaths.


In America, since Corona Virus is out of control, it threatens the existence of the nation.


Very quietly, troops are being deployed to enforce martial law, and evacuate government officials to safe areas.


In China, lockdowns are continuing.  I don’t think they ever had any kind of control over the virus.


The Black Death in Europe, Dance of Death.


The picture above is the Corona Virus future for most of the world.  There is an extreme possibility it will mutate into an even stronger Virus.


Even if it does not mutate, America and China are already extremely damaged, perhaps destroyed.  Both countries suffer from great internal chaos, political and social.  Corona Virus has intensified these weaknesses, potentially destroying both countries.


America is in much more danger than China.  Europe will also be in a difficult state.


In Japan, we have a very unique kind of situation, with the Corona Virus under control.  I think we will have to maintain a closed country status for about two years, until the Corona Virus finishes devastating foreign countries.  This is very tragic, but it cannot be helped.  There is little we can do to help foreign countries.


Post Corona Virus, Japan will be the leading country of a world wide Renaissance.  We will create a new world.


The previous Renaissance was a result of the Black Death of 1347 to 1351.


Japan will be the leader of a world wide revolution in culture and society.  What we must do for the next two years is survive.   It will be especially hard for people and corporations with economic ties to foreign countries.


We should prepare for this future by strengthening Japanese culture.  By this, I mean education on what it means to be Japanese.  Lost knowledge and traditions must be renewed.  Since the arrival of Commodore Perry’s Black ships, Western culture and knowledge has been emphasized in Japan.


It is now time to revive the strength of Japanese culture and being.  The world that survives Corona Virus will need that Japanese strength.


Japanese people are very strong and enduring people.  I have faith in the Japanese people.


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