Thursday, June 11, 2020

The American civil war gets worse アメリカの内乱はひどく成っています。

The American civil war has just gotten much worse.  The first liberated zone has just been created in Seattle.  This is the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, or CHAZ.  It is created by Leftist forces, and they claim independence from the United States.


Left blogs describe it as an utopia of positivity.


The truth is, it is an act of surrender by the city of Seattle.  The police decided not to confront Leftist agitators, and now there is an independent Left “Liberated Zone” in the center of Seattle.


These are traditional Communist tactics.  By allowing this to happen, it guarantees that such Liberated Zones will increase across America.  And the Left will eventually attempt to take over the entire country.  This is civil war.


I remember the Vietnam War.  When negotiations allowed Communist Liberated Zones to exist in South Vietnam, that country was doomed.


Street barriers on the borders of CHAZ

Note sign that says you are leaving the USA

sign says entering free Capitol Hill

The abandoned police station

The size of CHAZ.  Wording on the map is Communistic.


Here is an account in Japanese of Antifa training.  They train in hand to hand combat with police.




This will spread across America.  It is time for the President to send the Army or the Marines and arrest these people.  If he hesitates, America will be lost.  Even if he does, riots will continue.  America needs national martial law, or this summer America will break up like the map above.


And the Left will lose this civil war.  They have no food producing ares in their Blue zone.  They are fragmented and separated across the nation.  The separate zones cannot help each other militarily.  They have no possibility of really making military forays into the Red Zone.


The Red Zone is joined into one, has interior lines.  Many residents of the Red Zone are military veterans, and professional military.


Very people in the Blue Zone have any military experience.  People in the Blue Zone have undergone Left wing education, and are very spoiled.  They have no ability to endure hardship.  People in the Red Zone are used to hardship, and will be able to endure the rigors of a military campaign.


In a civil war, the Blue areas, America’s big cities, will suffer mass starvation, electric power loss, loss of natural gas, drinking water.  All these things lie in Red areas, or pass through them.


This is happening exactly as I described in my book, 2nd civil war, battle for America.

この内乱は、私が書いた本「アメリカ人が語る 日本人に隠しておけないアメリカの“崩壊”」の通りに成っています。

And on my youtube channel, link above


This is insanity.  But then, most wars are.


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