Wednesday, November 9, 2011

ウォール街を占拠せよ!のカリフォルニア州オークランド市の暴動事件 Occupy Wall street riots in Oakland California

Occupy Wall Street protests are still going across the nation. Violence has occurred on occasion at various locations. Basically, particularly in New York City, police and protesters are trying to keep things non violent. However, in Oakland, things have exploded.

ウォール街を占拠せよ! の抗議は、まだアメリカ全土で続いています。場所によって、時々暴力の事件は有りました。基本的に、特に、ニューヨーク市で、警察と抗議者は暴力に成らない様に努力しています。しかし、カリフォルニア州オークランド市で、爆発は有りました。

About a week ago, the police attempted to prevent protesters from returning to their park encampment. Violence resulted. In response, the protesters decided to shut down Oakland port, which they did for five hours. 7,000 people participated in the shut down.


Oakland port is the fifth busiest port in America. It exports agricultural products to Asia, and Japanese car and electrical goods imports land here.


During the daytime, the Oakland port closure was peaceful, but late at night, violence erupted.


Please look at the photo slideshow in the links below.

Perhaps American political leaders hoped that severe winter weather would drive the protesters home. Well, in New York City, Winter temperatures range from minus 5 to minus 30 degrees Centigrade. I know, I used to live there.


Yet the occupy Wall Street people say they will stay. They have received at least $500,000 in donations, and are using the money to buy military type tents.

I do not think these demonstrations will stop so easily. And they are escalating. The thing is, they are disorganized, they don't have a set list of demands. But they are very unhappy, in present American society, they have no future.


That the movement itself exists is very serious, it shows that there are huge problems in American society. And they now have escalated in response to police action.


On this blog, I have long written about the potential of Civil War in America by religious factions. Well, this is not Civil War, this is revolt. At least the beginnings of revolt. The Christian Fundamentalist movement, and the possibility of Civil War, is still there, for the moment, they are concentrating their energy on electing a Presidential candidate.


But what is now looking more and more certain, is America descending into chaos.


There are those in Japan that say we must join TPP. Well the TPP agreement is very unfair for Japan. But look at America. Is it really wise to build such important ties with a country in such chaos? I think we should think about TPP carefully, and wait until America has internal stability. And then push for a more fair treaty for Japan.


However today, rather do a lot of writing, I decided to show some photos from the Oakland demonstrations.


An injured person in the Oakland demonstration.

A man arguing with police.

A military person demonstrating. He is in, or just left the Navy. Many former US military people are in the demonstrations, they are having a very hard time finding jobs.

Fire at Oakland port.

A police line at Oakland port.

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