Thursday, November 17, 2011

TPPのサービスはどう言う意味ですか? What does "Services" mean with TPP?

Prime Minister Noda has made his trip to Hawaii. However, there is great controversy over exactly what he said there. In Japan, before his departure, he said that Japan would only begin negotiations on TPP. However, the Americans say he promised full participation.


I think the Prime Minister should make clear his intentions on TPP.


However, President Obama is very direct, saying that there will be no barriers at all. He says there will be no barriers between the trade of all goods and services.


As far as goods go, I have many reservations. For example, I do not wish to freely allow US agricultural products into Japan. There are too many stories on how lax inspections are of the US meat industry.

However, there is another thing that seriously bothers me about TPP. And that is the word, "Services".


What does this mean, any American will have the right to work in Japan? For example, lawyers?


At present, it is no problem for an American lawyer to practice in Japan. But he must pass the Japanese Bar Examination, which means that his Japanese must be excellent.


So, if TPP is signed, will Americans in the future sue in various professions, saying that requiring Japanese language ability is discriminatroy? Will Americans in various fields sue, saying that the Japanese examination and certification process is discriminatory?


I was born and grew up in America, I know that many Americans behave in this way. They do not wish to study extra hard to fit into an environment, instead they sue to get a position as they are, without extra effort.


But I think one big part of the word services is America's financial and banking industry. Years of bad practices have left them broke. I am sure that they want access to Japanese funds.


However, American financial institutions still continue their dangerous trades. So after destroying the American economy, will they destroy Japan?


I think so.


Looking at TPP, and understanding American thinking, I think that this is more than a simple free trade agreement. This is the combination of several different nations into one.


In the free trade agreement with South Korea, America has stipulated that American courts only will be able to resolve disputes.


That is very unfair. It reduces Korea to a colony. In TPP, will Japan also become a colony? I think America will eventually make such proposals, that American courts resolve all disputes. That all disputes must be contested in court in English.


To the American mind, their system is the best. But there has always been an American philosophy to change the entire world into copies of America. To American thinking, this would ensure world peace and prosperity.


This is the American philosophy of American exceptionalism.


Yet American failure to regulate corporations has created conditions inside America that are pulling America towards complete collapse.


I do not wish for this to happen to Japan. That is why we should look long and hard at TPP, and in the end reject it to preserve our independence as a nation.


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