Friday, November 11, 2011

アメリカは本当にTPPを交渉しますか? Will America truly negotiate TPP?

So. Prime Minister Noda says that Japan will begin negotiations to join TPP. He is also saying that Japan will protect certain areas.




Let us go back to what was said by America last January.


Note the first paragraph in the link. It says America has already given Japan special treatment, so Japan must eliminate all tariffs.


Personally, I can sense a deep American frustration with Japan. To their minds, Japan is not obedient enough, takes too long to make decisions.


At a guess, it is my feeling that America will impose restrictions on Japan, such as with selling automobiles in the US. But they will demand that Japan drop all restrictions.


In these negotiations, America will bring up the security issue, saying that Japan has a debt to America for protecting Japan for so many years.


This is ridiculous. Once the Japanese Self Defense forces were formed in 1952 a Soviet invasion of Japan became impossible.


China or North Korea have never been able to attack Japan. American forces are in Japan for American purposes, not Japanese.


But in TPP negotiations, I think Americans will continually bring up this point to force Japan to concede on every item.


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