Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Sumo Fall Tournament! 大相撲秋場所!

This year’s Aki Basho, is a Basho to forget. Yokozuna Asashoryu left after five losses. I really hope that he can pull himself together, and concentrate on Sumo and do some real practice. He should worry about business in Mongolia later.


Of the Ozeki, Kaio and Chiyotaikai managed to hang in there, and Kotomitsuki did well. But Kotooshu barely squeaked by, only getting his eighth win on the last day. I guess his Yusho was just a rare event, we are back to the old Kotooshu.


Toyonoshima fought many good bouts, even though he ended up with a losing record. I hope he can stay in Sanyaku at Komusubi. And Baruto made a heroic effort, 6 wins in the last six days to give him a kachi-koshi. Even though he only ended up with eight wins, he was a new Komusubi, and life is hard in that spot. I would cheer for him as a Sekiwake.


But the real bright spot is Ama. 12 wins, not bad. Next Basho, if he gets 11 wins or more, Ozeki promotion is a strong possibility. I will be cheering for him as well.


And of course Yokozuna Hakuho performed like clockwork, dropping only one match.
So that leaves one Komusubi slot to fill, but the upper Maegashira ranks are a mess. The only possibility that I can see is Aminishiki at East 4 with 8 wins, or Goeido at West 5 with 10 wins.


Now about the affair with Mr. Soslan Alexsandrovich Gagloev, the former Wakanoho. This young man is seriously misinformed. I never liked his strange hand movements at the Shikiri; I always thought it was a sign of excessive egoism. I was correct.

それで、ガグロエフ ソスラン アレクサンドルヴィッチ、元若ノ鵬の事件について書きます。この若い男が人生を分かっていません。取り組みの仕切りで、彼の変な手動きが私は嫌いでした。これを見ると私は彼が自我有り過ぎと思いました。やっぱり、私の考えは正しいでした。

Now it seems that he thinks he will reform Sumo, all by himself. And that he will be returned to his status and be a hero. What an idiot. He forgets that by possessing an illegal drug he committed a crime. His treatment by the police was very lenient; he could have spent time in jail.


Somebody should sit down and have a serious talk with this man. The best thing for him to do is to save as much money as possible and return to Russia. If he stays in Japan, he will simply spend all his funds to no purpose.


In any case, there is sure to be a lot of changes in the Banzuke before next Basho!


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