Tuesday, December 2, 2008

アメリカを救いましょう! Let's save America!

Hello out there to all my friends in the Blogosphere! I have a proposal. On January 20th, we will have a new President in the United States of America. And unlike the outgoing President, I do believe that Barack Obama does understand the concept of global warming and climate change, and the danger it represents for the survival of the human race.

ブログ界の皆さん、こんにちは!一つの提案が有ります。来年1月20日、アメリカ合衆国では、新しい大統領が就任します。 それと、私は今までのブッシュ大統領より、オバマ氏が温暖化と急激な気候変化の人類にたいして危機を分かっていると思います。

Now watching Japanese television, and looking through Japanese print media, there are a lot of Japanese firms inventing products that have applications in the fields of energy saving, heat reduction, or resource renewal.


Steadily, Americans are becoming more aware of the necessity of changing the way we live, and moving to more “green” sustainable type of lifestyle.


California will be building a high-speed electric train system like Japan’s own Bullet train.


Now I am sure JR Tokai will be hot and heavy on the bidding to get in there and build that train.


However, I think that there are many small and medium level companies in Japan that lack contacts in the US. Yet it could be that such a company has a product that could revolutionize some aspect of an industry or human life.


Perhaps I can help. I have been a member of the American Chamber of Commerce Japan for some four years. I have many contacts with American business. And I have lived in Japan for 35 years, and worked extensively in Japanese business.


So just maybe I can help be a bridge between your company and the United States.

So if you have an interesting product or process, please contact me directly. My email is below. And of course you can write in Japanese.



Let’s see what we can do to help save the planet and make money at the same time.


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