Tuesday, September 22, 2009

インド洋での給油活動 Japanese refueling activities in the Indian ocean

A new Japanese government under Prime minister Hatoyama has taken power in Japan. Yet almost every day on the television news, some American commentator is making demands that Japan continue Naval refueling activities in the Indian ocean, in support of the Afghan war.


Well let us look at the Afghan war a little more closely. What is it all about? America was attacked by the terrorist group Al Qaeda on September 11th, 2001. Al Qaeda maintained some 5,000 troops in training bases in Afghanistan, as guests of the Taliban government. While the leader of the Taliban, Mullah Omar, supported Al Qaeda, this was not true of all the Taliban.

2001年9月11日、アルカイダテロ団はアメリカで多発テロ事件を行ないました。アフガンでは、タリバン政府の”ゲスト”扱いでアルカイダが5,000兵ぐらい訓練基地に居ました。タリバンのリーダー オマル師はアルカイダを支持しましたが、アルカイダのアフガン内訓練基地反対のタリバンが居ました。

The Taliban ruled all but the northern parts of the country, that were controlled by the Northern Alliance. This was a group of several leaders opposed to the Taliban. Some 300 US Special Forces troops, combined with US air strikes, supported the Northern Alliance in an attack on the Taliban which began on October 7 2001. Kabul was abandoned by the Taliban on November 12th, and the rest of the country was soon taken over by the Northern Alliance.


The Taliban disappeared into the mountains, as did Al Qaeda. In 2002, the US began deploying conventional infantry to attack Taliban remnants in the mountains. At present, Nato forces number some 62,000, US troops and 9,000 British troops in Afghanistan, along with other national contingents. The Afghan National Army is officially some 100,000 strong. However, there are some serious doubts about the number of Afghan troops.


This force is to fight some 15,000 Taliban guerrillas in the country, and they are losing. Kabul, a few city blocks in Kandahar and other cities, is ruled by the Afghan government. The rest of the country is dominated by the Taliban, except for a few quiet areas on the Iranian border. Until recently, the northern part of Afghanistan was free of Taliban. However it has become more difficult for NATO forces to move supplies through Pakistan, as Taliban in Pakistan keep blowing up the trucks. So a new supply route through Russia has been opened, but the Taliban have now increased their presence in the north of the country. Truly, I think official estimates of Taliban numbers are very low.


And there are conflicting reports about the Afghan Army. I have read that it barely exists at all, it's numbers are seriously overestimated. Certainly, it has no motivation, as it does not fight at all.


How did things come to such a pass? In my opinion, America should have ceased involvement After the initial 2001 invasion. It is true that the Northern Alliance was filled with bickering, and could not form a government. So the US pushed Hamid Karzai in as President. And then sent troops to back him up. I think this was a mistake. We could have withdrawn, and even if the Taliban had retaken Kabul, we should have told them we would be back with air strikes if they ever hosted Al Qaeda or any such group again. I think that is the best we could have achieved.

どうしてこの様な状態に入りましたか?私の気持ちは、2001年の侵略後アメリカ軍が撤退すべきでした。北部同盟は同盟内で喧嘩が有りましたし、お互いに協力をしなかったのは本当です。それで、政府をつくれませんでした。その理由の為に、アメリカはハミド カルザイ氏を大統領で進めていました。彼を支持する為にだんだんアメリカ兵の数を増やしました。これは間違いでした。もしアメリカが撤退したら、タリバンが再びカブールを勝ちとり、アメリカからそのタリバンに、再びアルカイダみたいなテログループをサポートすると、またアメリカ軍が空襲します。それはアメリカが出来るベストな方法でしょう。

The entire Afghan war so far has been marked by uncertainty. We are not sure what we are doing there. Commanders speak of creating a secure society so that Civil Government can function and Democracy begin to exist, but they have no idea how to do it. US troops themselves constantly use massive firepower upon Afghan people, creating more guerrillas with every attack.


Frankly speaking, the US Armed forces are filled with many Christian Fundamentalist Chaplains and soldiers. The traditional role of Chaplains in the US military is to provide religious services, and to be a personal counselor to troops with various family and other problems. Traditionally, they were to help a US soldier irregardless of religious affiliation. In the last 20 years, the military Chaplains have come to be dominated by Christian Fundamentalists, who believe in Political Dominionism. This is philosophy of violent revolution to create Biblical societies in America and all other countries across the world. The Fundamentalist Christians regard the Moslem religion as an enemy to be destroyed. It is their wish to convert all Moslem people to their type of Christianity, and they are doing underground conversion efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.


At this time, some 50% of US military Chaplains are Fundamentalists. I think this is a significant factor as to why US troops kill so many civilians. Also, private contractor companies are used in Afghanistan. Blackwater has a presence there. It's President, Erik Prince, is a Christian Fundamentalist, and has made it clear that he wishes to exterminate all Moslems from the planet Earth. His mercenary troops have killed many in Iraq.

現在、アメリカ軍従軍牧師の50%ぐらいは原理主義者です。これはアメリカ軍がいっぱいの普通国民を数多く殺している大きな理由と思います。アフガンでも民間契約者会社、(傭兵)を利用しています。ブラックウォーター社はいます。エリック プリンス社長は原理主義キリスト教信者ですが、イスラム人を地球から絶滅させたいとはっきり宣言しています。彼の会社の傭兵達は、イラクで普通国民をいっぱい殺しています。

The American wars in the Middle East have become religious wars of Christian versus Moslem. This can only end with America losing.


Also, the unmanned drone aircraft used in Afghanistan have killed many people. In a one year period, only 14 of some 700 people killed were actual guerrillas. And Blackwater is heavily involved in the drone program.


US troops have killed so many civilians as to make any effort for the United States to win the allegiance of the Afghan people impossible.


I do not think that refueling efforts in support of the war in Afghanistan have any benefit for Japan. Countries with troops actually in Afghanistan, such as Britain and Germany, are looking for a way out. If Japan does not extend the refueling mission, I think President Obama will understand. Yes, bellicose Right wing Americans will howl, but they do not understand that the world has changed. The family of nations no longer looks at America to lead in various wars.


And just in case the new administration of PM Hatoyama does continue the refueling mission, I think it would make an excellent bargaining chip to extract American concessions on other issues.


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