Friday, January 22, 2010

Should Gaijins vote  外国人に参政権をあげるべきですか?

Recently, there has been some talk of giving foreigners with permanent residence the right to vote in local elections.


I must say that I am totally against this plan. I know too many foreigners with permanent residence that are very strange people. They do not speak Japanese, and of course cannot read or write in Japanese.


So how can they make a decision on who to vote for? How can they understand a candidate's position, and the needs of their community? This whole concept is a farce.


In fact, I think that fluency in the Japanese language should be a requirement for permanent residency. Permanent residents have the right to apply for welfare. I know too many English teacher type Gaijins who have permanent residency, but cannot find work in Japan.


The English teaching boom is over, we don't need so many foreign teachers. Permanent residence allows a Gaijin to perform any job in Japan. So it should only be given to those who have the language skills to perform any job.


And yes, I understand the situation of special permanent residents, such as Koreans born and grown up in Japan. But even though their ancestors came from Korea, they are born and grown up in Japan, for all practical purposes they are Japanese. They should take Japanese nationality.


As for myself, I consider myself a German. Germany is my ancestral land. But I have never been to Germany. I was born and grew up in the United States, and English is my first language. My passport is American.


And although I live in Japan, I vote in American elections by absentee ballot. In a year or two, I will apply for Japanese nationality, and then I will vote in Japan.


But I strongly believe that voting rights should only come with citizenship.



ZERO said...

Mr von Max
My handle name is ZERO.
This is my first comment for you.

I agree your opinion perfectly.

aya said...

Hello sir, your blog posts are interesting. I found your blog through にほんブログ村, and hope to visit here often. I've just translated an essay about foreigne workers in Japan on my blog though it's not finished yet.^^; I actually agree with you about the voting rights, but I think Japanese whole community also needs a bit of work to fix their attitude towards foreigners.

Oh, I'm Japanese BTW.^^