Thursday, July 1, 2010

アメリカの内乱はどう成りますか?Shape of the American Civil War

This is a continuation of my previous post, where I discussed the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and the possibility of American Civil War.

Now, for many of my readers in Japan, a Civil War in America is hard to imagine. Many Japanese have visited America and enjoyed American hospitality and kindness. Yet America is full of hatred. It racial, religious, and sexual. When you first meet an American, they will be open, friendly and welcoming.


But then they invite you to their church. This is the first step to trouble. Because if you do not join their church, you will face more pressure to do so. If you refuse, and the American will pressure you very offensively to join, if you do not join, you will become an enemy.


Not all Americans are this way, approximately half are. They tend to be right wing, less educated, deeply religious. It is possible to meet deeply religious Americans who will not pressure you about their religion, but they will be either Mainline Protestant, Catholic, or Jewish.


Some of these people will not try to force their religion upon you. Jewish people almost never will attempt to convert you.


Especially for the Christian Fundamentalist, any other type of Christianity, or any other type of religion, is an enemy to be destroyed or converted. And when I say destroyed, it is their intent to kill people.


I mentioned sexuality. Sex will figure large in the coming American Civil War. People of the Right feel there is way too much sexual freedom in America. They wish to go back to a time when it was a crime to be homosexual.

I am now 54 years old. When I was a child 40 years ago, in most states in America you could be arrested by the police, and put in prison for having homosexual sex.

にほんブログ村 ニュースブログ 海外ニュースへ

In the coming American conflict, homosexuals will be a prime target of the religious Right in America. They will search them out, and force them to convert to Christian Fundamentalism and heterosexual behavior, if that is impossible kill them outright. For the American Christian Fundamentalist, they believe the Bible commands them to destroy homosexuals. They cannot envision any way to live together with people who have different religions, skin colors, or different sexuality.


America is full of hate.


I am really getting angry about this. With this disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, it is the greatest man made natural disaster to face the United Sates in it's history. Yet so many Right wing Americans would rather concentrate on homosexuality, and their other hatreds.


So what will happen? I have often talked of an American Civil War. At this point, I think that most of the people in the American Gulf States are still in shock. I do not think that most of them have realized the true extent of this disaster, and that it is permanent. Many fishermen have found employment with BP as cleanup workers. But their health is already beginning to deteriorate.


But as people begin to realize, they will panic. People will want to leave. They will try to sell their property, but they will discover that a fishing boat or a beachside hotel no longer has value.


Recently, 400 people became sick after visiting oil soaked Florida beaches. Fishermen working for BP to help clean up are finding that the oil and dispersant chemicals are melting their boat hulls.


Eventually, they will discover they have nothing but the clothes they wear. And their guns. When they leave in the family car, they will bring their guns. We will have many thousands, eventually millions, of Americans on the move looking for somewhere to go.


There is nowhere to go. The American economy is in shambles. There is no other city or location that can take in millions of Americans from the Gulf region. The American government will attempt to control the situation with Federal active duty troops.


But they are not completely reliable. Many belong to secret organizations that advocate revolution against the Obama administration.


It is my guess that something like 10% to 20% of the US military cannot be trusted to obey orders. They do not regard President Obama as the true President of the United States. And remember that the Christian Fundamentalist groups have strong influence in the military, particularly in the Army and Air Force. It must be assumed that they will have some sort of secret parallel command inside the US military.


In previous posts, I have linked to one of my previous blogs about Christian Fundamentalism. I have been studying this movement for some time. They desire a revolution in America, a religious dictatorship. And they have stated that they will use violence.


In their minds, people who do not believe as they do must be destroyed to bring a Biblical kingdom of Jesus now on earth.


And since the beginnings of the most recent movement in 1975, they have concentrated on converting the US military, many troops and officers are members.


This organization is primarily White, and recently has begun to take on racist overtones.


I have seen indications that President Obama is quite aware that many American troops may not obey his orders, but will turn their guns on the government.


And oh yes, Christian Fundamentalism is especially strong in the American Southeast, which includes the Gulf region which is now facing such terrible disaster.


In a few months, the people of the Gulf region will start to realize the extent of the disaster. They will move. Millions of them at once. They will overwhelm small towns for gasoline and food. Typically, a gas station has one day of gas on hand, a supermarket stocks three days of food. They will angry, and they will have guns. The President will attempt to use troops to control the crowds, but not all troops will obey Presidential orders. And Christian Fundamentalist preachers will be exhorting these frightened, angry people who have lost everything except their guns, to attack President Obama, those preachers will say he is the Anti-Christ.


We have an armed angry America divided against itself, and with the Gulf oil spill facing the greatest disaster in human history.


What I have written is a worst case scenario. Of course, America may not completely devolve into Civil War. But all the pieces are in place as I have described in my post. The hatred is there. What is certain, is that America will have a very very troubled future.

The future of America is bleak.



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