Friday, July 9, 2010

捕鯨問題の最新情報 An update of the Whale Wars

This is an update of the Whale Wars. Mr. Pete Bethune, who was recently given a suspended sentence for his dangerous activities against Japanese Whalers, has been welcomed back into Sea Shepherd.


Mr. Watson, the leader of Sea Shepherd, said his expulsion was merely a legal tactic. It was in tended to get Mr. Bethune a reduced sentence in Japan.


Considering that the activities of this group are dangerous, and that they are escalating, this is an insult to Japan. Mr. Bethune should have been imprisoned for a long time.


And the next time Japanese Whaling vessels set out for the southern ocean, they should be escorted by armed Coast Guard vessels. When the Sea Shepherd ships approach to do damage, at first a warning should be given. If they insist on approaching, then shoot across the bows of the Sea Shepherd vessel. If they still approach, then shoot to sink.


It is my opinion that Mr. Watson will escalate this until someone is killed. Japan has the right to protect it's commercial vessels at sea, any other country would do the same.


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