Friday, September 3, 2010

メキシコ湾油田採掘機火災 Another oil rig catches fire in the Gulf of Mexico

There has been another oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico.

All crew members of the rig were rescued with no fatalities. The Coast Guard says the fire is under control.


Initial reports described an oil slick a mile long and 100 feet wide, but the US Coast Guard could not confirm this.


According to this source, there 3,858 wells in the Gulf of Mexico.

This site shows the great increase in the number of wells in the Gulf.


Although the well that recently caught fire is not operated by BP, there is another BP drilling rig that has many serious safety problems, the Atlantis.


What a fitting name, we all know the story of the mythical Atlantis. However, I find myself surprised that a large fire can occur on an oil rig so soon after the BP disaster. Did not companies in the area review safety procedures, did they not check their equipment?


As far as the most recent fire, I think we will have to wait a few days to see how bad it really is. I am having a hard time believing American governmental authorities in the Gulf right now. There simply were too many lies, too much misinformation about the BP disaster.


And I think it is time for the United States Government to truly take a strong hand in regulating the oil industry in the Gulf of Mexico. I think it should be obvious that industry alone cannot or will not do it.


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