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小沢さんの無罪判決と、これから日米関係の地震的な変化について(プラス:”ウォール街を占拠せよ!”作戦は5月1日に始まる予定です。) The Ozawa not guilty verdict, and the coming Seismic change in Japanese/American relations

The trial is finally over, and Mr. Ozawa has been judged not guilty.  Well, to me, the trial always seemed politically motivated.  Mr. Ozawa was the architect of the 2009 victory of the DPJ over the LDP.  The Ozawa/Hatoyama partnership wished for a more equal relationship between the US and Japan.  In particular, they wanted to find an alternative to the proposed US Marine base at Henoko in Okinawa.


Since the end of WWII, the Japanese/American relationship has come to resemble a colonial relationship, with America as the colonial master.  Certainly, remarks by Gerald Curtis concerning the Ishin kai are very paternalistic.


What Mr. Curtis fails to realize, is that times have changed.  I believe that most of the American political establishment, including the President does not realize this, and also many Japanese leaders are not aware of the change.


It is easy to identify such Japanese leaders, they are anyone who keeps insisting that things continue as they always have, that Japan keep on worshiping America.


Americans have always thought of Japanese people as a dangerous nation, who must be dominated by Americans.  Well, they think of Germans in this way also.


I was very surprised at the rudeness exhibited by President Obama to former Prime Minister Hatoyama.  President Obama was angry at former Prime Minister Hatoyama's plan about the Futenma base.    When former Prime Minister Hatoyama came to speak to the President at a state dinner, the President totally ignored him, rudely.  The incident was caught on camera.


Such an action is an insult to all Japanese.  Now, sources I read in Washington, the only thing they care about Prime Minister Noda is if he can satisfy American demands.  They have seem to have little comprehension about the feelings of the Japanese people over TPP or the Futenma problem.  All they want is complete obedience from Prime Minister Noda.


Americans have no respect for Prime Minister Noda as the leader of a free and independent country.


I always have been mystified by Japanese people who think that Japan should follow America in every respect.  America will not act out of Japanese interest, they will act out of American interest.  Well, naturally any country would.  Yet I still meet Japanese people, who say that Japan must sacrifice it's natural interest to America.  For example, I know people who believe that Japan should join TPP, and sacrifice the national economy, for American military protection.


Yet America will NOT defend Japan in case of a possible Chinese intrusion into the Senkaku islands.  The truth is, America will always value a connection with China over Japan.  Americans will never respect Japan.  One main reason for US troops staying so long in Japan is so that Japan does not invade the rest of Asia.


They do not care or understand that Japan was a peaceful nation in the Edo era, and for 250 years did not invade anyone.  The invasion of Korea by Toyotomi were an exception.  America, for it's entire 250 year existence, has almost always been at war somewhere.


I see some articles like the one below.


They keep saying that US Marines are needed for deterrence.  Yet the numbers of fighting Marines are given only as 7,000, 2,200 in the 31st MEU, another 5,000 from the 3rd Marine division.


Frankly, with numbers as small as that, they are a trip wire force.  That means America would be involved.  But Japan is in truth very strong militarily.  We have the 8th ranked military in the world.  We really do not need to have US troops constantly in Japan.


I am quite aware of the tensions with China.


The primary current problem is the Chinese claim to virtually the entire South China sea.


I see this problem as similar to copyright problems in China, such as the Chinese disneyland.


What we need is a combination of firmness backed by military strength, and patient negotiation.  However, in problems like this, America can sometimes be over provocative.


America is behaving like an Imperial bully by sending warships into China's 200 mile EEZ.


However, domestically, America truly is in a mess.  I have read of a plan where Japanese troops are to be based in the Philippines and other Asian locations.


Actually, I think this is a good idea.  For the future, it will be good for Japan to have military cooperation with other Asian nations.  But it surprised me.  In America, where I grew up, they never trusted Japanese people.  Americans at the time of my childhood would NEVER think of deploying Japanese troops outside of Japan.  There can only be one reason for this now.  America is too weak, they will try to use Japan to protect America. 


Frankly, I don't think that we will ever see more ground troops out of America in an emergency than those that are here now.  America is too broke financially, and is about to experience massive domestic unrest.  They just will not be able to deploy troops from the American mainland.


I have written about how drought and Peak oil are destroying America.




Peak OIl


Where is Occupy Wall Street?


Occupy Wall Street has not been in the news much lately.  Perhaps some people in Japan might think that the movement is over, that young Americans have given up on activism.


Not at all, they have been studying, training for this summer.


In fact, major demonstrations are planning for 40 cities across America on May 1st.  This includes a plan to shut down San Francisco's Golden Gate bridge.


The life of the average American has become miserable.  Japanese people are aware of the housing difficulties, and decline of the Middle Class.  Recently, I have read of average American families turning to smuggling Marijuana to survive.


To average Americans, Marijuana is not an evil drug.  But it is still illegal.  Yet many Americans are finding that to keep their house, keep their children in school, or even to feed them, they must grow and sell Marijuana to survive.


That is a criminal act, but they feel they have no choice.  Somewhere I have read, that Americans tolerate income disparity for only one reason.  That is, the average American thinks that they have the chance to become rich someday also.


If you destroy this belief, the average American will revolt.


Well American corporations for the last 30 years or so have been busy destroying the laws that protect average people, and they have created a revolutionary situation.


With Peak Oil and Climate change induced drought, we have reached a position where people are not surviving.


All of these problems will now explode.  In Japan, we are going to have to rearrange the Japanese/American relationship.  It is time.  And America will no longer be a great nation with world wide power.  It is swiftly becoming a local country.  And I think the odds are it will split into several nations.


In the future of the world, there will not longer be a super power that can put military force anywhere in the world.  There will be several regional powers.  In the North Asian region, That is Japan, China and Russia.  Russia's center is Europe.  China actually has great internal problems, both social problems, and drought.


South Korea has the great problem of North Korea.


That leaves Japan.  We have the geographical position, and the hard working populace, to be the dominant nation in North Asia.  It is time to chart our own independent course.


Of course, I wish for cordial relations with the United States.  But I do not wish to be dominated.  Americans, well Americans in government will be angry with me.  But I think average Americans will agree with me.  They have had enough of greedy corporations destroying their life.


It is time for Japan to be our own country.  And we will need leaders like Ozawa Ichiro, someone with a better plan than to simply obey America.


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