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自民党の安倍総裁は、アメリカを分かっていません。陰謀説を信じてはいけません。 Abe Shinzo, President of the LDP, does not understand America. He should not believe crazy American conspiracy theories.

Recently, I read a website that referred to the LDP's home page, or a flyer.


In the link above, Representative Abe, President of the LDP, a former Prime Minister, refers to FEMA.  He states that he would like to build camps for people who oppose National Policy, like FEMA does in America.


I am very sorry, but I must inform Representative Abe that he is very mistaken about this.  The thing is, Americans believe in many kinds of conspiracy theories.  In fact over half of Americans do.


Basically, these conspiracy theories are not true.


The election, and re-election, of President Obama has spawned an entire conspiracy industry.


Here is a list of Obama conspiracy theories compiled by Mother Jones.  Basically, they go by the idea that President Obama is a secret Moslem, and he intends to impose Moslem Sharia law upon the United States.

以下は、マザージョーンズ誌(Mother Jones)が作成したオバマ大統領に関連する陰謀説の一覧です。どんな説があるかというと、例えば、オバマ大統領が実はイスラム教の信者で、イスラム法を強制する積もりでいると言う話などです。

None of them are true.


There are a huge amount of conspiracy theories in America about aliens.


They basically go:  There are secret alien bases on the moon, under cities in the US, (Denver, Colorado, airport is often mentioned) in tunnels under US bases.  And of course the US government is secretly working with them to enslave US citizens.


These are supposed alien bases on the moon.  They are on the far side of the moon, so we can't see them from Earth.  US Astronauts who went to the moon are part of the conspiracy, and keep the secret. 


Or the moon landings were all faked, because the American government was afraid of the aliens.


That is what many Americans believe.


There are conspiracy theories about the United Nations:


These theories basically go that the foreign troops of the United Nations are going to invade America with unmarked Black Helicopters, and enslave Americans.


Black Helicopter conspiracy theories:


And of course these ideas of enslavement always involve confiscating American guns owned by private citizens.


And if you are ever in party with Americans, please do not discuss the 9/11 attacks.  It seems that almost every American believes some sort of version of the story that 9/11 was a government run conspiracy.


So how do we know what is true?  I can disprove the first link about FEMA quite easily.


First of all, this picture in the link is strange.  What is strange?  Notice where is it is written that US and Russian troops will man a checkpoint.


There is NO WAY ANY American government will allow foreign troops power over Americans in an emergency.  Even if, for example, there was a serious emergency in America.  Let us say that a Japanese military unit was nearby, for some sort of joint training.  The American government might accept Japanese by the military unit in rescue work, but they would NEVER ask us to do riot control.


I have read of Russian troops doing joint training in the US, but many Americans panic.


The Russians are not going to harm Americans in any way.


Here is a truthful account.


It is merely joint training.  This is something that military personnel from many nations, including Japan have done for years.


Yet ignorant Americans panic, and start spreading rumors.


Another big lie I can easily prove about the first link is, the FEMA trailers.  Supposedly, FEMA has many trailers in camps, waiting to house Americans arrested.


FEMA does have the trailers, the reason they are not being deployed to New York for hurricane Sandy victims is the Mayor of New York does not want them, he wants to do his own program for disaster relief.


This is not a secret government plot.  Governments are run by human beings, and sometimes they make mistakes.


FEMA is simply a government agency.  It is disorganized like any government agency, but it tries to do it's best.  It does not have any secret prison camps.


A person must be careful of a lot of things they find on the web coming out of America.  The average American is an ignorant idiot, and they print a lot of rumors as truth.  And those photos of Alien bases on the moon?


Well I think somebody has been busy with photoshop.


I think part of the problem here is that the average Japanese is an honest person, and does not fabricate fantastic stories, and pass them off as truth.


Americans do that all the time.


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