Wednesday, September 11, 2013

ロシアが世界を救助! Russia to the rescue!

An incredible thing has happened.  Russia has pulled America's feet out of the fire in President Obama's ill fought quest to start a war with Syria.


President Obama's drive to start a war with Syria over supposed governmental poison gas use has simply fallen apart.


Great Britain refused to part.  Losing face, The President went to Congress for support in his drive for war.  However, the proposal fell flat there too.  The American people have amazed me.  91% of Americans said "NO!" to more war, and have forced a US President to stumble about.


At first, when President Putin of Russia said he would back Syria, and sent warships to the Mediterranean, I thought a dangerous American/Russian confrontation was possible.


Russian warships


President Putin of Russia tried to persuade American President Obama to back down from his threats of war, but the American President refused.


Then, President Putin of Russia engineers a compromise solution where President Assad of Syria will give up his chemical weapons to international control.


The thing is, it was never entirely clear if President Assad actually did order such chemical use, there are conflicting stories that the rebels mishandled weapons themselves.


And the only way an American strike could have had any military effect would have been if it had been launched immediately without warning.  Now, the Syrians would have dispersed such weapons.  All an airstrike would do is kill people.


America has always been very quick to build false cases for wars against countries they don't like.  Observing events in Egypt, it seems that the US could have encouraged the Egyptian military to overthrow the elected Morsi government.


And the result is chaos, more danger.


Now we have Russia as the responsible peacemaker.  How interesting.


President Obama has suffered a major loss of face.  This is certain to damage him both internationally and domestically.  I simply cannot understand what motivated him to pursue another useless war so avidly.


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