Friday, September 6, 2013

今年の秋にアメリカの経済危機が来ますか? Will there be a financial crisis this fall?

I regularly read James Kunstler.  He is an economist in upstate New York.  As far as economics goes, he is a realist.  He does not engage in games of "pretend" that seems to guide so much of American policy these days.

私はジェームズ・カンストラー さんをよく読んでいます。彼はニューヨーク州に住んでいる経済学者です。経済の哲学について、彼は現実者です。現在のアメリカ政府の政策は経済が元気のようなふりをするゲームをしていますが、カンストラーさんはそのふりをしません。

I read his weekly blog.  He has made several blog posts about the possibility of finical disaster this fall.  Normally, I would not write a post on my blog just from his posts, even though I respect him.


Now we see that J. P. Morgen is under investigation, and the FBI is considering filing charges against some employees.


This investigation is about the 2008 financial crisis that US banks and financial houses created.


From September 22, people will not be allowed to transfer from JP Morgen Chase outside the United States.


This is the scary bit of news.  For years, American banks and financial houses have been pretending that a US economy still exists.  However in their quest for excessive profit, they conducted a lot of "money games" which were actually intentional fraud.


Reality has return sometime.


Meanwhile, there is another debt ceiling in October, and John Boehner, the leader of the American Republican party, promises a big fight.


Due to the March Sequester, America is suffering.  Despite increasing drought, and a rise in wildfires, the number of firefighters and their equipment is being cut.


20% of scientists in the US are thinking of moving to other countries because of funding cuts due to the sequester.


America is facing increasing crises due to global warming, yet they are cutting science budgets.


And America has the greatest debt in the world.


Of course they have the money to bomb Syria.  I really think America has it's priorities very wrong.  Or will they bill Japan?


And so many American officials are coming to Tokyo to tell Japan "Hurray up and join TPP!".  I think they are  in desperate panic, Japan has some of the last real cash reserves in the world.


And that is the true meaning of TPP, sucking cash out of Japan to fuel America's wasteful lifestyle just a little longer.


But one thing is certain, sooner or later, the world economy will return to reality, and that will be painful.


The only question is, will America collapse before they can destroy Japan's economy, or not?


We have to learn to live with what we have, not with a pretend economy.


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