Thursday, June 19, 2014

日本は移民を必要有りません。 Japan does not need immigrants

I have read of government plans to increase the number of foreigners in Japan.  This is a very dangerous idea that will only create trouble.


Japanese people are very honest and kind in dealing with people, and few foreigners are.  Simple as that.  In the 40 years I have lived in Japan, at a guess, I would say that about 80% of the foreigners I have met are worthless.  Small time trouble makers.


For example, I remember a Mr. A I used to know in the television world.  When he first married his wife, he was teacher at a top English school in Japan.  But after marriage, he quit that job to work in the television business.  Well television is not a reliable line of work.

例えば、私は昔テレビの業界で Aさんと知り合いました。始めに彼は結婚した時に、一流英会話学校の先生でした。結婚してから、その仕事を辞めて、テレビ業界で働く事にしました。まあ、テレビは信頼出来る収入に成りません。

You might make some money for a short time, but long term income is virtually impossible.  Because he lacked money, he lived with his wife’s family.  Because he was an American, he refused to obey the rules of a Japanese household, insisting on his own way.


Eventually, his wife divorced him.  But his condition for divorce was that his wife wait until he applied for a permanent residence visa.


I once met him on the film set after his divorce.  He was living in a old wooden apartment in Tokyo.  He said that he was on the first floor, and had a small garden, where he grew marijuana.


I then told Mr.  A about my friends in the Japanese police force and Jieitai.  Very quickly fear came on his face, “Oh I was only joking!”

それで、私は Aさんに、”日本の警察官と自衛官の友達が多い。”と話して、彼の顔が怖い表情に成って、”ああ!只の冗談です!”と急に言いました。

For financial support, this individual dated a rich woman 30 years older than  he was.


However, I am happy to say he has left Japan.  During the Bubble years, many such foreigners came to Japan.  It was easy to make money.  Now things are more difficult, they don’t want to work hard, so there are many cases of divorce.  And the foreigner, unable to survive, returns to America to whatever fate awaits him in that collapsing country.


When I worked for a casting office for foreigners on Japanese television, I had trouble with foreigners almost everyday.  One day, the film had a scene with a bankers conference.  A foreigner was necessary for the scene.


Well, a banker wears a dark colored conservative suit.  My foreigner came in a cream colored sport jacket, a plaid working man’s shirt, blue jeans, tennis sneakers, and his necktie was a Donald Duck necktie.


Of course the scene could not be filmed, my company was fined ¥500,000.


The day before, the office called him about a the job, and confirmed that he had a suit and would wear it.  He said it was our fault, we did not tell him specifically what color the suit had to be.


One time, I was a on a popular TV show, doing a parody comic skit every week.  I played the father, there was the wife and two children.  The show was becoming very popular.


To be on the show, we had to promise that we would be in Japan and available for two years.


However, after 4 months, the parents of the children said that they were returning to America.  They admitted to me that they lied so that their children could have some work.  These were people working for major American corporations.


Foreigners often lie and cheat.  If they can cheat money out a Japanese person one time, they feel as if they have made a great accomplishment.  They simply cannot understand that they have destroyed trust, and a future relationship.


It does seem that the government plan is concentrate on South East Asian people, from poorer countries.  Yet they will work in Japan for very low wages, like salve laborers.  They will look at the Japanese lifestyle around them, and become envious.


Crime and trouble will be the result.


Different religions will cause problems, like this Saudi man who destroyed Buddhist statues in Asakusa Tokyo.


And many Japanese will remain unemployed.  This is American style of business operation.  That is too use people as cheaply as possible.  I have heard certain Japanese company officers who repeat what American Capitalists say; that people are too stupid or lazy.


America is now a country with a great imbalance of wealth.  It facing collapse, which will bring massive social disorder.


Is that what we want for Japan?


In the Meiji era, it was true that Japan needed foreign experts in many fields, such a railroad building.  But today, Japanese engineers and workers are just about the best in the world.


We do not need to import foreign experts, Japanese are experts.


And I really think Japanese language ability should be a requirement for a permanent residence permit.  Generally, the good foreigners speak Japanese.


If a person wants to live in this country, they should speak our language, and obey our customs.  If they want to change Japan to their way of live, they should leave.


America is collapsing, of that there is no doubt.  So why should we, in Japan, listen to people who have destroyed their country?


Japan has nothing more to learn from foreigners.  In fact, we have much to teach them, if only Americans would listen.


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