Saturday, July 4, 2015

(安全保障法案)集団防衛 Collective Defense

Collective Defense is a hot topic these days.  Prime Minister Abe is going hot on sending the Japanese military overseas.


Well, I agree with him on certain points, but other points we should be careful about.


In my opinion, the best thing Japan could get out of this would be combat experience.  There is nothing better than combat experience in teaching a military how to fight a war.


No matter how much you train in peace time, things are different in wartime.  There are some voices, I have read this in the English language newspaper, The Japan Times, that Japanese cannot be good soldiers.

平和の時に一生懸命訓練しても、戦争の時とは違います。英字新聞、例えば、The Japan Timesを読んで、数人が日本人はいい兵士に成らないと書いています。

They say that other countries military wouldn’t like Japanese troops in the area, because they are amateurs.


This is just masochistic thinking.  Post WWII, America imposed it’s propaganda on Japan that Japan was somehow evil for going to war.


Too many Japanese people believe this.  The facts are, America provoked that war with Japan to save China.  They mistakenly thought China would be America’s servant.


The facts are, The war in the Pacific was an American mistake.


In any case, I do not doubt that in the Japanese military, there are people who regard themselves as civil servants, rather than as military personnel.


In wartime, these people will either change to tough military people, or fail at their jobs, and be put aside.  And yes, their failure at their jobs may cost the lives of other Japanese personnel.


But this is the same in any country’s military.  Think of the Dutch military.  They have 47,000 personnel.  But how many of them really seriously think about fighting a war?  If they ever did come into combat, they would suffer.


In WWII, America had the same problem.  The pre war military was very small, too many new American troops thought like civilians.  This was the reason for Allied landings in North Africa in WWII, to new American soldiers experience.  And yes, mistakes were made, but people learn from mistakes.


So I do think that the Japanese armed forces would be able to handle themselves in a Combat Situation.


But the thing we must be careful about is geography.  We should not let America send large contingents of Japanese troops to say, Iraq.  Why?  Well, for one reason, the Iraq war is hopeless, Japanese troops cannot make a difference.


And it is too far from Japan.  I think we should not send troops west of the Malacca straits.


I can see Japanese military help for Vietnam or the Philippines in the South China sea.  However we should be careful not to try to retake islands in the South China sea.  But occupying certain areas not yet taken by China could send a message.


Japan has successfully defended the Senkaku islands from Chinese provocations without American help.  America refused to commit itself on whether the islands were Japanese territory until China had given up.


But the straits of Hormuz are too far.  And Iran is not Japan’s enemy.


America is making a serious mistake by continuing to treat Iran as an enemy.


Japan cannot support an expeditionary force at such a great distance by our resources alone.  We must depend upon America, and America is no longer a reliable country.


This is what I mean:  America is facing three great disasters.  An unprecedented ecological disaster as the United States west of the Mississippi river turns to deep desert.  Most of the people who live there now will have to evacuate or they will die in place.


The end of shale oil, and the end of the US transport system.  93% of the US transport system depends on oil.  Shall oil was a fantasy from the beginning.


The present economic crisis in Greece is a bad sign.  But such an event was only a matter of time.  I think that more and more countries will now default, and the world wide economic system collapse.


And this includes the US economy, they never repaired the damage done by the Lehman shock.


And what of Japanese military personnel who die in overseas conflicts?  Believe me, it will happen.  Will they be enshrined in Yasukuni?  Can they government guarantee that they will resist American pressure on this issue?



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