Tuesday, July 7, 2015

世界遺産の件;歴史的な失敗 World Heritage sites, a historic blunder

I am appalled at the actions and stupidity of the Japanese government in this UNESCO World Heritage sites affair.  And reading blogs from think tanks in the US, Americans are also surprised by Japan’s incredible mistake.


The words “forced to work” means the same thing as forced labor.  It implies criminal conduct on the part of Japan.  The Japanese side totally gave in to Korean demands.  And by agreeing to let Koreans monitor Japanese compliance, they have given up Japanese sovereignty.

“forced to work”の意味は、”強制労働”です。日本は犯罪的な行為と認めます。日本側が韓国の要求を完璧に認めて、負けました。それと、韓国に日本の応諾を管理する要求に同意して、日本の主権を捨てました。

Has not the Ministry of Foreign Affairs studied history?  Do they not know how Koreans behave?  Do they not understand the English language?


Koreans do not wish for a resolution of the history issues.  They wish to use these issues to force Japan to be a subject nation of Korea.  And now, by demonstrating and erecting monuments in foreign countries, they are using their deceitful propaganda to destroy Japan’s reputation.


I am very angry to see Koreans now want to erect a Comfort Woman monument in Chicago, the city of my birth.



You cannot trust a Korean.  They always break their word, and make more demands.  Now with this English phrase, in the eyes of the world, Japan has admitted to criminal behavior.


Foreign Minister Kishida Fumio and UNESCO representative Sato Kuni should both take responsibility and resign.  They should be forbidden from political activity and public service for life.  The damage they have caused Japan is very grave.

岸田文雄外務大臣と佐藤 地ユネスコ大使は両人とも責任を取って、辞任するべきです。これより一生政治活動と公職を禁止するべきです。彼達で、日本国に与えた損害がとても重大です。



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