Friday, November 1, 2019

Japan and American decline 日本とアメリカの堕落

In recent talks about my most recent book, “The coming Japanese nightmare, a unified Korea”, I have mentioned that both Japanese and sane, right wing South Koreans seem to expecting America to intervene and help in the Communization of South Korea by the present Moon administration.

私の最近の本、”アメリカ人が語る日本の歴史 日本に迫る統一朝鮮(コリア)の悪夢”を勉強会で説明すると、右派の正気な韓国人と日本人両方はムン政権の韓国赤化に手を出す事を期待している真実を教えています。

I have said that American internal problems in America are too great, and that Japan and sane South Koreans are alone in dealing with these problems.


Now we have proof.


On October 22nd, the Enthronement Ceremony for his Imperial Majesty The Emperor was held in Tokyo.  For several months previously, there was news that American Vice President Pence would attend the ceremony as the American representative.


However, when the ceremony was held, The Secretary of Transportation, Elaine Chao, represented America, a very minor figure.


This was not a deliberate American insult.  The Trump administration is in serious danger.  Impeachment procedures against the President have begun, for a phone call to the President of the Ukraine.  There is nothing wrong with the American President telephoning the leader of another nation, and no wrong doing was conducted.


In an unprecedented action, a former 4 star Naval Admiral, in a New York Times Op-Ed, calls for a coup against the President.


CNN wishes for the impeachment to include Vice President Mike Pence so that Nancy Pelosi can become President.  By law the Speaker of the House is number 3 in the line of succession.


American instability is increasing rapidly.  Author and commentator James Kunstler, an economist, is beginning to doubt if the 2020 American election can be held, America is likely to be too unstable internally to hold the election.


I agree.  I have studied America for many years, and was born there.  The decline into chaos will be very rapid.  Trade with America will basically cease.  America will no longer be able to project military power around the world.  There may be two rival Federal governments, or perhaps none.  In Japan, we must prepare for a world without any American help or authority at all.


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