Saturday, December 28, 2019

Breaking News: Virginia county forms militia ニュース速報:バージニア州の郡が民兵組織を作ります。

It is now only a few days until 2020.  What kind of year will it be?  For America, very bad.  I am sorry, but there just is no good news to report.


The Democratic party conducted an impeachment vote in Congress, but failed to pass the articles to the Senate for trial.  That means it can’t happen.  There are all kinds of rumors, they want a second vote on cooperation by Russia in electing President Trump, (totally disproven) or they want to impeach Vice President Pence also and install Nancy Pelosi as President.  That is a pipe dream.

民主党は議会で弾劾票を取ったけれど、裁判の為に上院に弾劾条項を渡していないので、弾劾に成りません。 理由は、多数の噂が有って、もう一度2016年選挙のトランプ大統領とロシアの協力について投票したい、(完璧に論駁です)、それともペンス副大統領も弾劾して、ナンシー・ペロシ議長を任命したいです。両方は空想的な考えです。

But the real danger next year is occurring in Virginia.  The Governor has stated his determination to pass a law through the State legislature in January banning many types of fire arms.


There are 133 counties and municipalities in Virginia.  Over 90 have passed second amendment resolutions to protect their guns.


One county, Tazewell county, has established an armed militia.  This is a militia, a semi military unit to fight the government of the State of Virginia and protect the citizens from forced gun confiscation.  It is established by the government of Tazewell county.  It is not a private militia.  This has not happened since 1861 in America.


A militia unit


One State legislator calls for the use of the national guard to confiscate guns.


Here is at least one National Guard soldier refusing to obey such an order.


The Governor has responded by declaring that all law enforcement personnel who don’t obey his orders will be fired.


What I think will happen is somewhere the Governor will find a few people to attempt gun confiscation.  And there will be violent shooting.  People will die.  It will be a suicide mission.


There are many States with 2nd amendment sanctuary laws, people in Texas and Kentucky are nervously watching Virginia, along with many other States.


Unless the Governor backs down, or by some miracle the law does not pass, civil war starts in January in America.


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