Friday, April 3, 2020

Early April Corona virus situation 四月上旬コロナウイルス状況

Corona virus infection rates have begun seriously pick up in Japan.
I think many people have just not taken this pandemic seriously.  The three day weekend of March 20th to 22nd had nice weather, many people journeyed outside.


They contacted the virus and passed it on to others.


When schools were closed, some people even decided to vacation in Europe with the family.  They brought more virus back to Japan as deadly souvenirs.


The media has reported that the disease primarily infects older people with pre existing conditions.  That young people even if infected, did not die.  While that has been basically true until now, it is now infecting many young people.  They do indeed die.  And many of them suffer permanent lung damage, and shortened lives.


I have read stories of survivors saying it felt like an elephant was sitting on their chest, they could not breathe without great difficulty.


Japanese need to understand that this is serious, just like an actual war.  We need to put aside the 70 year “Heiwa Boke” or peace idiot mentality that we have had for so long.


China claims that they have beaten the virus.  Yet unofficial news coming out of China shows that it is still out of control.


The amount of funeral urns being ordered show us this is not so.  British scientists say that it is 40 times worse than China admits.


China is also conducting a propaganda campaign by quickly building medical equipment, and sending it to Europe.  But some 80% of the test kits supplied to The Czech Republic gave incorrect results.


A few days ago, China came close to actual civil war.  What happened was that people from Hubei province, where Wuhan city is located, attempted to cross a bridge of the Yangtze river into neighboring Jianxi.  The Jianxi police formed a blockade to stop them.  Hubei police argued with the Jianxi police, and the people of Hubei attacked them.  China is very close to civil war.


The Chinese government stopped the conflict, but the numbers of Corona sufferers is increasing dramatically.  The Chinese government is attempting to say the situation is normal, and China will resume business making products for the world.


No.  They are lying.  New strains of the virus are evolving across the globe, in any case, the Chinese Communist party has created a situation where the disintegration of the present Chinese state is certain.


In other countries the news is very bad.


Italy is about to lose control of the southern half of the country.  The people just cannot be patient with the quarantine, and are not obeying government instructions.


France is not enforcing quarantine and lockdown orders in migrant areas because of the danger of riots.  This guarantees that Europe will not defeat the virus, and also could mean the end of France as a modern nation.


In America half the country, most large cities are in lockdown.  There are over 3,000 deaths compared to Japan’s 62.  The country expects major social unrest.  I think what this means is that America’s civil war will start.


The state government of Rhode Island is hunting down refugees from New York City and forcibly quarantining them.


The United States government has sealed a team for continuance of government inside the nuclear war headquarters inside Cheyenne mountain.  Their mission is to rule the United States in case it dissolves into chaos.


Across the United States, store owners are boarding up their stores in preparation for massive riots.  American civil war has been brewing for a long time.  Americans know and understand what is coming.  Many will not survive the near future.


It is now clear that this crisis will not end soon.  We are entering an age of isolation, where we must close off Japan from the rest of the world.


Finally most foreigners are being banned from entering Japan.  People who do enter Japan, Japanese and and foreigners, are to be forcibly quarantined.


Foreigner entry should be limited to Narita airport only.  No self quarantine, foreigners won’t do it.  There are Japanese who don’t do it, claiming that it is their human right to endanger others.  Two quarantine camps should be built at Narita, one for Japanese, one for foreigners.  They should be fenced in, patrolled by armed guards 24 hours a day.


If someone tries to escape, they should be shot.  If someone tests positive for Corona virus, and they are a foreigner, they should be deported to their home country, at the expense of their own country.


This is how to protect the country in a pandemic.


Foreigners increase the Corona virus in Japan.  This increases the need to keep the country on lockdown.  This further damages the economic life of Japanese people.  This should not be hard to understand.


Japanese leadership is slow to realize that the world has changed.  Many countries are now going into civil war.


Even if a cure were found this week, this still would be so.  People in foreign countries just do not have patience.  Many people in Japan will lose their jobs.  Anybody who works in a position involving overseas trade, tourism, dealing with the outside world, will likely lose their job.


However, if we deal with situation strictly, we can reduce the number of cases to a point where life inside Japan can return to normal in a month or so.


For the rest of the world, this is not possible.  Japan is an island country, we can isolate ourselves easily, just like in the Tokugawa Shogunate.


We must quickly increase domestic food production, all foreign food supplies are now unreliable.  And Japanese people must understand the seriousness of the situation.


Japan will rapidly need an expanded military, particularly the Army.  All citizens will have to contribute.  Those that are against this for petty political reasons, or some foreign ideology, will become enemies of the nation.


It will be very difficult, but we must all work together.


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