Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Where is Kim Jong Un? 金正恩氏はどこ?

So where is Kim Jong Un, ruler of North Korea?  He was last seen at a politburo meeting on April 11th.  However, when he failed to appear at the celebration of his grandfather’s birthday, Kim Il Sung, which is a great, probably the greatest annual event in North Korea, speculation began to arise.


Here is the most detailed account.  Kim Jong Un was visiting the countryside when he suddenly clutched his chest and fell unconscious.  Calls were made to China, and a medical team was gathered to be flown to North Korea.  However, Kim Jong Un’s condition worsened, and a Chinese trained North Korean doctor attempted to help.  He was to install a stent near the leader’s heart, which should have taken one minute.  But the doctor’s hands were shaking due to a case of nerves, the operation took 8 minutes when it should have been over in a minute.


Kim Jong Un slipped into a coma and has been in such a state since then, or perhaps has died.  Nobody outside the North Korean inner circle knows for sure.



So what now?  Who will take over?


The North Korean Army


Can Kim’s sister Kim Yo Jong take over?  My bet would be on civil war, and massive refugee flows into South Korea and China.  Some will escape into Japan.  I just don’t think all those older males at the top of North Korean will accept a woman as a leader, and she is young, only 31.


I also don’t think Kim Han Sol, son of Kim Jong Nam is realistic.  His father was assassinated in Malaysia, and he is hiding out somewhere, perhaps Europe, with the help of the CIA.  (perhaps)  and he too is very young, 25, and to my knowledge has very little experience living in North Korea.  He would need powerful generals to back him, and those powerful generals might just dispose of him and rule directly.


There is a 65 year old uncle of Kim Jong Un, Kim Pyong Il, perhaps he might be a compromise candidate.


To me, the most likely outcome is that Kim Jong Un’s death will cause mass chaos in the North.  I don’t think the sister Kim Yo-jong will be able to take over.  I think there will be competing generals in the North fighting to be on top.


South Korean mass media has become as untrustworthy as China and North Korea.


With North Korea internal collapse likely, Yonhap calling CNN fake news concerning it’s reporting on Kim Jong Un is interesting.  In South Korea News is entirely under the control of President Moon.  Perhaps he wants to disguise the truth about North Korea.



A few days ago, Korean broadcaster SBS reported that Kim Jong Un would soon reappear.



This shows how far the Communization of South Korea has proceeded, they are merely spouting propaganda to make the North look good.  On April 26th, the South Korean government declares that Kim Jong Un is alive and well, and vacationing in Wonson.



I think that Moon Jae In will use this as a chance to attempt to unify the country, but he will instead be destroyed by some faction in the North.


Then, general civil war will erupt across the peninsula, millions of refugees will attempt to come to Japan.  Or, a chaotic South Korea may indeed launch war against Japan to attempt to unify the nation under Communism.


In any case, internal Leftist politics in South Korea has devastated the morale of the armed forces.



And despite North Korean claims of zero Corona Virus cases, it seems that the country is hard hit.  Their medical services are very primitive, it will devastate the country.



If Kim Jong Un reappears, well, it has been a long time, he missed his Grandfather’s, Kim Il Sung’s birthday, and now there will be doubts.  Believe me, the North Korean elite know what Western media says.


In both Previous successions, Kim Il Sung to Kim Jong il, Kim Jong Il to Kim Jong Un, there was a long preparation period, it was made sure that all of North Korea’s military and civilian leadership would accept the new heir.  Nothing like that has happened this time.  I think chaos is brewing.  That will be very dangerous for all countries in the region.


And the government of Moon Jae In of South Korea is totally unreliable, he blinded by emotional dreams, and has lost his sense of reality.


In Pyongyang, panic has already begun, people are panic buying food, trains to China no longer run.




And in June of 2019, when President Trump met Kim Jong Un at the DMZ in Korea, Tucker Carlson of Fox news who was there and very close to Kim Jong Un, described his breathing as very labored, wheezing, he seems in poor health.



Despite the optimistic tone of South Korean media, this panic shopping in Pyongyang tends to confirm Kim Jong Un’s death.  Normally, North Korea would not permit such things to happen.  This shows North Korea in chaos.  And it confirms that South Korean media, like the government, is led by North Korean sympathizers, and the South Korea media is no longer to be believed.


So not only Corona Virus and American collapse, Japan has another crisis right across The Japan Sea.


Breaking news  President Trump hints that he knows about Kim Jong un, and the world will soon know.  He seems to hint that he is ill.



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