Sunday, May 15, 2011

オサマ・ビン・ラディンさんと山本五十六氏の比較 Comparing the deaths of Osama bin Laden and Yamamoto Isoroku

I have just been watching a special broadcast by Ikegami Akira. The topic of the show was about the assassination of Osama bin Laden. In the show, the topic came up where America had said that killing of Osama bin Laden was the same as the killing of Admiral Yamamoto Isoroku in WWII.


Americans say they were right to kill Admiral Yamamoto because it was wartime. They say that they were in the same kind of war with Osama bin Laden. Truthfully, World War II and the terror attacks in 2001 are very different things. But for Americans, it is hard to distinguish the difference.


Many Japanese people are surprised at this comparison. Well, this is true American feeling. Americans don't trust Japan. I cannot count the number of times Americans always talk about Pearl Harbor when I lived in America. It is virtually impossible to have a reasonable conversation with an American about Japan.


Americans regard Japanese as a dangerous people, and that it is necessary to keep American forces in Japan. Otherwise, Japan will again start war all over Asia.


But Americans regard every country as dangerous, unless policed by America, not only Japan.


Actually, many more wars have been started by America than Japan, and America has only one tenth the history of Japan. Japan is a more peaceful country.


And if Americans don't trust Japan, they certainly don't trust any Islamic nation or person. Since 9/11, their conversations about Islamic people are very bloodthirsty.


Another point in the show was about how religion restricts life in Saudi Arabia.


That is true. However, that is exactly the same society that American Christian Fundamentalists wish to create in America. If you are not one of them, you have no right to life.


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