Thursday, May 26, 2011

地球の終わりは10月21日まで延長! The end of the world has been postponed until October 21st!

It is now nearly a week past May 21st, and the world is still here. However, Mr. Harold Camping said that the Rapture did really happen. It was an "Invisible Spiritual" Rapture.


The real end of the world will happen on October 21st this year, and Mr. Camping says that it will be very quick.


As for Mr. Camping's followers, well they are very disappointed.



How many followers are there? Well, on an AFN news broadcast, I heard that some 37,000 had quit their jobs to be with Mr. Camping. Others had quit school or broken off relationships. There were many more followers who did not quit their jobs.


Why? How could all these people be, so stupid?


I think the fact is, present day Americans are not very smart. In a science competition in America for schoolchildren in 2011, 70% of the finalists were immigrants or the children of immigrants. And immigrants are only 12% of the population.


Some of my friends in Japan have said that the reason for the low rankings of American students when compared internationally is because of immigrants bringing the scale down.


Yet as the above link shows us, it is the immigrants in America who are smart, not the multi generation Americans.


What is going on? The answer is, Americans are lazy, and American culture encourages this. When I grew up in an American High School, the entire culture worshiped sports heros, but people who studied hard were not admired. The emphasis was on making as little effort as possible to get passing grades.


It used to be different. I know that after WWII, the United States government fostered programs to encourage mathematics and science education. These programs are disappearing. Instead, Right wing politicians are pushing religious education in the public schools.


I think it is no accident that the increase in ignorant Americans coincides with the increase of religious belief since the end of the Vietnam war. And we also have a lot of American exceptionalism here.


The way religious belief is done in America by Christian Fundamentalists is that it takes no effort. All one must do is pray to Jesus, and everything will be fine.


To study Science or Mathematics, another Language, or History, takes effort and discipline.


Americans can no longer do these things. And the children of immigrants? Well, by the time they become 3rd generation Americans, they have fully embraced American culture, and become just as dumb as normal Americans.


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